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  1. Here is the UND preview from College Sports Journal. http://www.college-sports-journal.com/2018-college-football-team-previews-north-dakota-fighting-hawks
  2. Bison_Kent

    CSN Big Sky 2012 Preview

    Here is the College Sporting News Big Sky football preview for 2012. http://www.collegesportingnews.com/content.php?766-2012-Big-Sky-Conference-Preview-Will-A-Growing-Conference-Result-In-More-Playoff-Teams
  3. Bison_Kent

    NCAA TV Schedules/Options

    I don't believe ESPN will allow any over-the-air syndication of their broadcasts any more. This was the case for the football playoff games for NDSU this past fall in the first two rounds. I believe WDAY contacted them about getting the rights to show it live but they said no. ESPN finally gave into the calls of the Montana, Montana State, and NDSU fans to allow for the games to go to the ESPN Gameplan package. Not sure if that is an option for the hockey tournament but I would be highly suprised if ESPN would allow for the games to be broadcast live by anything but their ESPN3 on-line coverage unless it is some short of pay-per-view.
  4. Bison_Kent

    FCS tournament expansion

    Yes, PFL should get an auto bid. To be honest, the PFL is much better than the NEC, who did get an autobid when the field was converted from 16 to 20. The Big South Conference was the other conference to get an autobid at that time. The PFL and NEC used to have their champions play each other for about 4 years and the PFL champion won 3 of the 4 games. Both conference teams, however, will continue to have tough times against the top FCS teams. But like has been mentioned earlier, the NCAA basketball tournament has #16 seeds that don't have much of a chance against the #1 seeds yet they still get a chance.
  5. Bison_Kent

    2010 Season

    The Sioux - Vandal game will be broadcast on Altitude TV (Denver based sports network). I know it is channel 681 if you have the Sports Pack on Direct TV. I think it is also on the Dish Network but don't know the channel as I have Direct TV. Here is a link to the schedule for Altitude showing the game on opening Thursday night. http://altitude.tv/WhatsOn/default.aspx
  6. Bison_Kent

    Great West Review for 2008 Season

    Here is a review for the Great West for the 2008 season I compiled. http://www.championshipsubdivisionnews.com...p;tb=1&pb=1
  7. Bison_Kent

    UND 2008 schedule

    The Bison home schedule in 2003 (first transitional year) had six games--four against DI playoff eligilbe teams (Northwestern State, Cal Poly, Southern Utah, Valpo). The other two were a NAIA and a DII team that came off a playoff season the year before in Carson Newman. NDSU defeated Northwestern State and NSU made the DI playoffs that year. Cal Poly beat NDSU by a field goal in the Fargodome and finished 8-3 yet were not selected to the postseason--due to playing two transistional DI teams. NDSU also had Southern Utah at home (a Bison win) in that first year so NDSU actually had three scholarship fully playoff eligible teams on their home schedule. Valparaiso, although a non-scholarship team, won the Pioneer League title the year before (2003). Remember, the Pioneer League last year had some wins over scholarship teams so they are not like DIII teams in my opinion. Drake beat Illinois State. San Diego beat Northern Colorado. Dayton beat playoff team, Fordham. We will see how UND's home scheduled teams do but I highly doubt any will make the DI playoffs or be on the verge like two teams that NDSU played.
  8. Bison_Kent

    NCAA to rename college football subdivisions

    Tell Villanova and Georgetown that they are just I-AA schools. The last I checked both are former Division I basketball champions of the past 25 years and yet they play what is currently called I-AA football. I have seen writers call other schools at the I-AA level for all sports when that is not the case. There is just one Division I level for all sports other than football. Face the facts, all schools at the I-A and I-AA level for football are all Division I for all other sports.
  9. Bison_Kent

    Suspense is killing me

    Star2City, I agree that the bitterness should be on the field between the Bison and Sioux. I hope that all three Dakota schools get into the Big Sky. It will enhance that conference unlike any of the previous four expansion schools, which included Sacramento State, Portland State, Cal State-Northridge (no longer in the 'Sky), and the most recent, Northern Colorado. While some of these schools have had good teams, overall, they have been average or below in most sports. I think getting three major state schools would appease the two Montana schools from wanting to leave the conference to the WAC as these three schools would have more in common with them than any of the current schools both from an athletic point of view and also an accademic point of view. While I cheer for the Bison on the field, I am one Bison fan that wants to see the Bison/Sioux rivalry return and hopefully it is as a Big Sky Conference game to end a season in all sports.
  10. Bison_Kent

    DI vs. DII

    This is incorrect. NDSU had few DI schools last year totally either on the road or at home because they counted as a DII team for the DI opponents. This season NDSU will be hosting Idaho, Idaho State, Maine, Denver, and Eastern Michigan and will see such teams as Kansas State the following year after making visits to these schools this year. NDSU will have road contests at Minnesota, Wisconsin, Drake, Montana State, Colorado State, and Wisconsin-Green Bay. I know these schools aren't Kentucky or Duke but these schools are still better opponents than Crookston or Bemidji.
  11. Bison_Kent

    Yet Another D2 School --> DI Conference

    The Gateway is one of I-AA's top conferences. It would be great to get into this conference from either a NDSU or SDSU standpoint. As far as being excited about the Missouri Valley, I would be trilled to be in the MVC. Last year, two schools got into the Field of 65 and should have as many this year, if not more. In most years, it is considered the top Mid-Major conference in the country and I would be excited about it completely. Wichita State, Illinois State, Indiana State, Northern Iowa, Creighton, and the rest have seen great success in the Division I ranks. Indiana State (with Larry Bird) made it to the Final Four in 1979. Wichita State has won three or four College World Series titles. Northern Iowa has been in the NCAA Field of 65 a couple times in the past couple years, as has Creighton. Of course, I for one, would not mind the Mid-Con for NDSU. I know that this is one of the conferences near the bottom of Division I play but it is a good start to get the feet wet in DI play. Plus, NDSU and SDSU would likely see some DI success right away in this conference--as it would in the Big Sky. I still think the Big Sky is not done and that Montana is a long way from moving to DI-A. They still have a big budget defecit to over come and I think they want this balanced before they make any kind of move. Anyway, we shall see. NDSU still has three plus years of its transition and after this time, I know their will be a conference in place.
  12. Bison_Kent

    DI conferences pursue DII schools, indeed!

    UND-1, I agree that NDSU should have moved in 1990 but NDSU would not have seen three straight women's basketball titles, a softball title and a couple more wrestling titles in the last decade. NDSU Football, in my opinion, got worse due to scholarship reductions over this time period. I find it sort of ironic that DII is again talking scholarship reductions. That is all we have seen from the division over the past 25 years and every time that it happened NDSU was against it. Twenty-five years ago, DII was just under where I-AA is now in scholarship number. Could this be the reason so many top DII schools are leaving the division? --no it couldn't be. Over the past 25 years, we have seen DII powers Troy (AL) State, Portland State, Delaware, SW Texas State (now just Texas State), Eastern Illinois, Cal Poly, Jacksonville (AL) State, Northern Colorado, UC Davis, and NDSU leave the division. Scholarship redcuction in football played a huge role in these schools leaving the division. I think (didn't do it) if you count the number of DII championship game participants from the start of DII play in 1973, you will see that the majority are now either in I-AA or even in I-A play.
  13. Bison_Kent

    Big Sky picks UNC

    Very good wording UND-1. I think both UND and NDSU fans can agree on this fact. I would eventually like UND and NDSU back in the same conference so we can be roudy in talking about our teams and not have to be this way in talking about conference affiliations and the DI/DII debate. I am not sure all the "eggs are in one basket" like was mentioned earlier. I think attention may be to the Mid Con now. I for one, did expect things not to go smoothly in the transition for DII to DI. All Bison fans knew this was not an easy process to proceed into but we knew that in the long run it would be best for the school to be in Division I. NDSU is just in their second year of a five year process of being a full DI member. UNC is in their third year and now appears to have received their DI conference invite. Maybe NDSU and SDSU will get that invite next year at this time.
  14. Bison_Kent


    The BCS teams are those from the ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, and PAC-10. The winners of these conferences are guaranteed a spot in one of the four BSC bowls (the Rose, Sugar, Orange, or Fiesta) All other I-A conferences are non-BSC conferences. These non-BSC conferences include the Mountain West, WAC, Sun Belt, MAC, and Conference USA. However, the new legilation includes that the non-BSC automatic bid conference team is rated in the Top 6 in the BSC rankings that they would get a bowl bid. I hate the BSC. Auburn, Utah, and Boise State are all undefeated and will not get a chance to proove they are the national title winner. All three could finish undefeated along with either Oklahoma or USC. Let's get a playoff system like DII or I-AA.
  15. Bison_Kent

    Big Sky Expansion Already Decided

    By the way, I saw a mistake in The Sicatoka longitude and latitude claim anyway. Idaho State is in Pocatello, not Moscow. U of Idaho is in Moscow and that school is now in the WAC.