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So far Bishop's been my favorite Freshman. That's because I like his style of play.

Right now it's got to be a hard job to decide who to play.

Think of last weekend. Hak didn't play Bishop Friday even though he scored a goal in the exhibition game. (Tough decision). Then in order to give Bishop his shot he sat out Ryan Miller Saturday even though he had a great game Friday.

I'm sure that's not how Hak would like to do things. I"m certainly not saying Hak was wrong, just that he's had tough choices to make. (Which is a good thing for the team).

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Not saying Hak was gaurunteeing the win last Saturday, but by sitting Brad Miller and others a giving others a shot before Wisconsin was a great move!!!! Let's him get an idea what flows and what doesn't, in my mind put the same roster from last Friday in tonight, even if it means sitting Forney.

Does anyone know who traveled though, I know the team only brings who they need, so my theory above may be blown....

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