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now, i don't want to take credit for predicting this or anything... but i will.

As much as I love UMD and am extremely glad they beat Denver, I have to think that the ultimate goal for the Sioux is to win the Final Five. The best chance for that to happen is if SCSU beats UMD and then Geophert steals a game against the Gophers. Three games in three days two weeks in a row is pretty tough to do, and if UND beats Wisco, then the Sioux would get a tired SCSU team. Plus, the Gophers would then lose to Wisco, as Elliott steals a game and so the Gophers begin their post-season spiral...


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Yeah, he DEFINATELY did NOT steal that game...unless allowing 7 goals is considered stealing these days!!!

St. Cloud simply was opportunistic vs. the gophs and was playing for their season. When they got to UND I honestly didn't see fatigue as a factor. They outshot UND and Parise came up big to help with the win. UND played with poise and capitalized when needed, but I didn't see tired legs out there.

I think it is a testament to St. Cloud that they accomplished what they did. Woog and Mozocco were right, that even though they lost, they were able to show such pride in their program. They proved the power of heart and will power.

THANK PARISE they are not playing that UGLY trap, hook, and hold style that some teams do/they used to. They were honestly the second most fun team to watch this weekend. :lol:

Don't let your head get too big Mory... :angry:

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DHG WON dance mania. However, I was ALSO on dance mania, and I believe Forecheck won some sort of cereal gift pack.

That was an awesome day to be a Sioux fan, and also an awesome day to be, as I told MafiaMan, "lit up like a Christmas tree."

Actually it was a free Red Baron pizza, and boy was I ever lit up like a Christmas tree!! :angry: I must have spent enough at the bar on Friday night because the bartender in club level bought me one on Saturday. What a weekend!

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