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Bad Experiences at the Ralph


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I have and it has worked out great. Other than watching the first half of the first period on the little TV in the lobby....

FYI, new policy at Mecca this year:

no RUSH tickets, they are going to sell 1500 SRO GA tickets each game. One can then go and try to find an empty seat or stand in the concourse to watch the game. Of course if the seat holder show you get the boot and you can't obstruct the concourse...more money for the coffers the way it sounds! That is what I have heard for those of you who don't get tickets for the series...


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Ok, truth be told, the $5 beers are getting old...In the old Ralph, we would sprint out at the end of the period and drink beers in the parking lot next to the truck. You knew it was a good break if you could pound two beers before running back in...the best one was a game in '99 against the Goofs; somehow we got a parking spot 15 feet from one of the doors...I swear there was at least 10 people in that Suburban pounding them down during intermission...Good times, good times!

But to stay on topic....More band=more atmosphere and lets get more students in the lower bowl somehow!!!!

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here is an article from the dakota student that says a lot about the students view:

REA the problem, not Student Government

by Robert C. Obma

September 23, 2004

To the editor,

I am writing today to express my thanks to the UND Student Government for the excellent way in which everyone handled the situation this weekend during the season ticket distribution.

I was in the mass of people on Thursday night and witnessed class and professionalism by the members of Student Government. You can imagine the time and effort that went into making this weekend fair to all students.

The issue of season tickets goes beyond Student Government. Since the opening of the REA a few years ago, the students have been treated very disrespectfully and are constantly being pushed around in favor of the more "wealthy" season ticket holders. As a result, the atmosphere and traditions associated with Fighting Sioux Hockey have suffered.

It seems like the new arena has brought about new traditions of social prestige and laser light shows. We need to rise up as students and take back our arena! It is time for students to quit fighting with each other over the lower bowl and realize that it is a bigger issue than that. I ask why students are only allowed 600 seats in the lower bowl yet we make up over 20 percent of the city population. Why are we one of the only schools that have our band in the upper bowl and constantly drowned out by the Ralph's music? It is time we take back our arena from corporate control.

So rather than joining the many students in attacking Student Government, I commend them on their efforts and thank them for looking out for us.

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Hey, doesn't Osama live in a big hole in the ground??  Right there that shows a lot in common with a gopher.  :)  :)  :D

We were calling it that before the evil of 9/11, and it still sticks. There are many sports that fans that call their fav stadium "the Mecca of______"....besides, it is easier to spell in the morning before I am awake than Mariucci :D???


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