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Season Tickets SUPPOSEDLY sent out 9/13

Fighting Sioux #1

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I received my tickets in the mail today. The first thing I noticed is that Brandon is on every one. They must have printed them quite a while ago. Otherwise, why would the put someone on the tickets who might be gone? There is also a letter included that details the addition of the netting and the Club Lounges being closed to the public. It mentions a new bar, The Penalty Box, on the main concourse which will sell "a full range of cocktails and beer". The one new thing I saw on the letter is that the temperature in the bowl will be lowered to around 50 degrees to help improve the ice quality. I know the ice quality has been one of the few complaints so hopefully this will solve that.

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I noticed Bochenski also. I would guess it would have been part of his Hobey campaign. Oh well. He chose what he chose.

I'm guessing "The Penalty Box" is, beyond restoring the Club Room exclusivity, also a part of the whole WJC concept: There will only one place serving on-sale in GF on Christmas day. Why not open another bar in it? I hear those Canadians like to drink beer, eh. :)

I think the colder lower bowl is a plan to get those folks to move and slap their hands together to stay warm. :D

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Fellow Coaches Club and above members: I see we are getting an $1100 parking spot this year!!!!! and to top it off it will be included in the price of our ticket package!!!!! Wow this is a fantastic deal! I'm assuming it comes heated, covered and with a complete bar in which to socialize before during and after the games.

I also guess that sweet media guide isn't included this year - it wasn't much use anyway being mailed to us during late March. Thanks for taking that away also.

Thanks so much Mark and the REA.....This latest ticket package is just the best ever. :D

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I may be a little slow, but I think I see a pattern here. cfm567b27 may have issues with REA.

Do you think? :D

If I didn't drive/fly up from Minneapolis for every game I might not be as opinionated. Man this really chaps me though considering the commute up to Grand Forks for the game. The last straw will be if they take away the parking spot. After a 4 1/2 hour drive the last thing you want to screw with is a 1/2 hour walk to the building in -30 temps.

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