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UND (4-5) vs Milwaukee (2-7) 12/9 3PM


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UND went deep into Texas, looking to turn things around.   Instead of that, they turned things over.... 30 times as a matter of fact, and was left with another L.   Now losers of 4 straight, they return home for a rematch against Milwaukee. 

In the first go-around, UND got decent shooting and rebounding, but needed to hold off a furious scramble at the end to get the road victory.  Milwaukee is still struggling to find themselves this season, with their only two wins coming against LIU-Brooklyn and Albany.  They would love to come into Grand Forks and avenge that loss from earlier in November.

This will be the end of this 5 game stretch of like opponents before they dip back into the non-d1 and the mid-major/Big East world before conference play.  There is still a lot of questions that this team needs to answer as the season progresses.  Where is the shooting going to come from outside of Moody, especially when he is having an off night?  How will this rotation shape up for the rest of the year?  Can any other freshman, outside of Rebraca, step in and give solid production?  In some minutes, you can see the potential of this team and others you can see that it is still so far away.  Can't do anything about it now, but just keep getting better. 

Key Player:   DeAndra Abram 

This 6'8 guard continues to rebound and score at a decent pace, as he is just a shade off of averaging a double-double for the season, despite his low shooting percentages.  Against UND, he put up a 12 point, 12 rebound performance.  Need to keep him off the boards and limit the scoring.

X-Factor: Darius Roy

This 6'2 guard is averaging close to 15 points per game and had 18 against UND the first time around, without hitting a 3.   Definitely can carry a team when he is hitting on all cylinders, based on his performance against LIU-Brooklyn (a 27 point outing in the OT victory). 

Milestone watch

16- Points Avants is away from 1000 career points.  He has been very limited offensively these last 3 games, so he is due for a good performance.  He should get to this mark sometime over this 2 game homestand.

75- Points Seales is away from 1000 career points.  He probably will get there sometime early in the conference season. 

Keys to the Game:

1) Can Rebraca stay out of foul trouble?  Filip has been the star of the freshman class, but the only person getting in the way of his success is well... him.  He needs to stay out of foul trouble.  When he does, he puts up performances like he did against Idaho (minus the 7 turnovers).  When he gets saddled with foul trouble early, he ends up ineffective.  Given his ability to get rebounds against this squad, he could go for a double-double.

2) Can UND put it all together

In this stretch, we can see that its usually one thing that falls apart in a stretch that costs them the win.  Whether it is their shooting, defense, ball security, key players in foul trouble, etc, they just find a way to get into losing situations.  That can bleed and effect and a young team, so they need to figure it out

3) The shooting from outside

UND needs to get consistent shooting from the 3.  Moody and Brown can't be the only ones that can be leaned on to provide that.  Walter needs to find his stroke.  Rebraca needs to shoot it a little more from the outside.  When Jal and Marko, if and when they get it, need to let it fly too.  Lets get a few of these guys going again. 

The call:

UND is due to put together an all-around solid performance on both ends of the floor.  They need this one to get some momentum going into the conference season.  I think they will get the sweep over this Milwaukee squad.   Avants and Seales both have solid games, the turnovers go back to what UND is used to, and they get enough shooting.  Oh, and Rebraca stays out of foul trouble and gets that double-double

UND 79-74

Game is on FSN North, ESPN+ and FoxSportsGo

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