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Let's Help Bubba 3

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Bubba is very thankful for our assistance with the ankle braces.  His note to us:

"Thank you all for your generous contributions to UND Football Priority Needs "Ankle Brace Initiative".  Your continued support is greatly appreciated." 

We are now ready to launch Bubba 3.  As discussed earlier, upgrading our video equipment so players can view practice and game film outside of Memorial Stadium will certainly help them prepare for future opponents.  The goal for this initiative is $5,000.  Your participation will be appreciated. 

Here is the link: www.undalumni.org/bubba3

UND BIZ - if you could pin this at the top if the FB thread like you did with Bubba 2, it would be appreciated. 

I am going to post another comment or two regarding our helping the program, etc. separately.  Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have learned a few things of interest. 

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