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1997 Grand Forks Flood 20th Anniversary


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I remember getting meals from the Salvation Army, porta potties on the corner of the block, drinking canned water from Anheiser Busch. Not to mention the noise of generators and water pumps, and all the backbreaking work getting things out of basements. I am always on edge every winter into spring hoping to never going through this again and it did almost happen in 2009, when Fargo almost had to evacuate. I always welcome very dry winters. 20 years seems like yesterday.

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best thing to come from the flood of 97 is the greenway...was biking thru last night and saw what at first i thought were two reddish dogs playing around on Lincoln's old number 6 or 7 then realized it was two baby foxes having fun as the sun was starting to go down...i stopped and noticed two more sitting on top of the old smaller dyle from before the flood...stopped and snapped a few pics and you know there is always one that stays a little longer and stares back....



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