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1 hour ago, WiSioux said:

Anyone else watching the Daytona 500? These new rules are bizarre. I don't understand the point of the five minute crash clock. Why not just let them fix their cars?

1 hour ago, WiSioux said:

This is getting stupid. We can't go five laps of real racing without a caution. Maybe NASCAR should stop throwing in random cautions to bunch them back up.

Bigger wreck fest than usual.  Agree that the repair clock is stupid...it's going to cause a team to rush a repair and lead to unnecessary risk.  In addition to bunching up the field, the stages also eat up a lot of the race under caution.  If I remember correctly, about 6-7 laps per break.

NASCAR has done a lot of tweaking since its glory years but cannot seem to get out of its own way.

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