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The softball teams last two fall games are Saturday at 1 and 3:30 p.m.  Coach Stevens is doing great things with this softball team!  He has the knowledge and ability to make softball at UND conference champions.  If you look at the teams he has coached previously, they have all performed outstanding under his coaching.  I expect the same results at UND.  He knows what he's doing.

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So, the softball team went 8/0 for the fall season!  The team looks quite good and it's obvious that Coach Stevens has some great talent in his new recruits.  Certainly moving in the right direction for conference contention.  Will be looking forward to seeing them play in the spring. 

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I enjoy Coach Stevens quite a bit but anything less than 8-0 would have been disappointing considering the opponents were Crookston, Mayville, Minot State, Valley City, Jamestown and Mary. Hopefully it gives the team some confidence heading into the winter and carries over against D-1 competition in the spring.

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In case anyone wanted to know, although the softball team was 1/5 for the last weekend, they were in Auburn, AL and played two of the top 25 teams in the nation.  No they may not have won the games against James Madison and Auburn (played them twice) but they took Auburn to all 7 innings the first game,  lost 6/0, and Auburn threw their best pitchers and had their starters in both games.  Auburn is the #2 team in the nation who went to the College World Series the last two years.  Maybe they didn't score a run, but they got hits and got in base.  Our pitchers did amazing.  They played James Madison, ranked 13th.  Lost 8/0 in 6 innings.  They have one of the top 10 pitchers in the nation.  Guess what?  She pitched the entire game.  These teams showed a lot of respect for our team because they could have thrown lesser pitchers but did not and the girls did great. Just as an FYI, when James Madison played Mizzou, they had 2 hits against the JMU and we had 3.  The JMU pitcher struck out as many batters at Mizzou as us.  My point to all this is simply, the UND softball team is really good.  They are playing tough competition along the way and doing pretty darn good.  Congrats to the coaches and girls. When they play at home, you should really go watch them.  Good luck this weekend lady Hawks!

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