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Final Five signs..


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Final five sign ideas.....

Some good some ok some not so much.....

"your state is still broke"

"dell the toughest man between the pipes........

Rau a tough man behind the stripes......"

"what's the difference between a jet engine and a gopher fan...

....the engine quits whining when you turn it off!"

"welcome back Mich. Tech

welcome back Minnesota!

welcome back Wisc......."

"dive .....dive.....dive...."

Official motto of the USS Gopher.". Written over the outline of a submarine

"nice goal...hang a banner for that?"

"7>5". That's almost too easy

Can't think of a better one now but a jab at the big10 needs to make a showing

Bye bye

Ice hockey


To bad you cant

Earn the right to play in the


for the Thursday game. A SCSU husky logo among the NCHC teams and then.....

"who invited the ugly chick?.......

"nice hair boys....come up that yourself did ya?"

"ERE and a gopher...both real big behind a ref."

"Uffda.....Is that a dead Gopher i smell or your girlfriend?"....... That may cross a line.

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