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I thought I remembered him battling injuries the one year that he was at UND and then he went back to the USHL with possibly the option of coming back. He ended up signing a pro contract instead.

He broke an ankle (or a wrist) early in a Minn state HS tourney game against St Thomas Academy his senior year (cannot remember which injury even though I was there) and when he got to UND I do not think it was totally healed. From then on he was never healthy enough to play up to his potential. Good size and ability, just had some bad luck and I don't think? he handled it well with the coaching staff either.

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I know at one point his brother Chris looked like he was a great prospect playing defense as a 9th grader. Haven't heard much about him lately. Wonder if he hasn't progressed a lot, or if I just am not hearing his name around recruiting circles and the times I see game stats.

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Im pretty sure it was his wrist at the tourney, although I didnt think it was broken. He got a lot of heat for standing in the tunnel and watching and not trying to get out there and play. Then it was his shoulder and a few minor things while at UND. His skill was never an issue, he was just never healthy enough to show his true potential...and I think quite a few Sioux fans expected him to be another Oshie.

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