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Sioux #1 In Another Poll


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Weekly polls are a waste of time, too, especially since most of the voters just look at the scoreboard and don't see most of the teams play, but who cares, they give the fans something to talk about.

I thought the poll that started this thread was fairly interesting and I don't think DMT should have to apologize to anyone for posting it.

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My apologies to all for my newbie mistake in the tone of my last post. I certainly didn't intend to criticize DMT for starting the thread, nor did I mean to stifle discussion. I DID mean to say that I don't think these particular rankings appear to worth much. I'd love to see an actual poll of pro scouts. I bet the Sioux would still come out looking pretty good. :silly:

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I think its best if people look at polls as opinions. Opinions are just that...and if taken too seriously can come back to haunt.

Having said that, and knowing what UND has done the last few years, STILL many "opinion makers" are buying the Sioux this year.

I know its early but I enjoy watching the team win, and the way they are doing it (balanced attack, scoring throughout the lines) tells me that they have come together much better than last year. They've taken some tough tests this year, and I hope they'll continue to get better and impress those pesky opinion makers.

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