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I will admit that Bina has improved a lot, but I think he still needs to keep working. I was very impressed with his shot blocking. I guess we will have a possible fourth goalie. ???

What? I didn't quite hear you :lol::D:p

A key to good defense is good positioning. This is what Bina had all of Saturday's game. Unlike previous appearances (what you call appearances anyways), Bina didn't quite have that.

I wonder how many bruises he had when he finally woke up today :)

There was one block I saw, but not who it was though, where the puck hit so hard we could hear the sound of the puck hitting the Sioux player. I wonder if that was another Bina block.

On a somewhat amusing note: Bina guarding the front of the net. Think about it. It's humourous. Especially when the next unit comes out and Greene or Smaby takes his place.

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Obviously I'm a bit biased towards Bina, I got to watch him play last year for the Lincoln Stars, after missing most of the season due to a freak injury, he developed into on of our top d-men. He had lots of ice time, including PP and PK units. I hope he continues to improve and develops into a solid D-man for the Sioux

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I still want to see Foyt given a real chance. I think he is a better defenseman, and now that Brandt is playing more we don't need someone just to block shots and touch up the puck on icings. :silly:

I haven't seen them play enough to say who is a better D. I would argue Foyt having a good game against Yale is not really comparable to Bina having a good game against SC. I would like to see Foyt given a chance against a good team. From what I have seen- Bina is hands down a better skater, probably better all around player, but his size limits what he can do in front of the net and in the corners.

All I know for sure is Marvin scares me at D, he makes a decent 4th line winger though.

FYI College hockey does not have the touch up rule.

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