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Who is on Defense


Tough Decisions on defense  

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  1. 1. Who sits on defense

    • Derrick LaPoint
    • Dillion Simpson
    • Joe Gleason
    • Jake Marto
    • Ben Blood
    • Defense by committee play bad you sit
    • None of the above

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I, as most of us, have been closely watching Genoway.

Since the beginning of the season I have been ready to fire-off a post to all who would read it saying that Genoway is not up to snuff If that was the case.

The first couple of weeks of the season I was thinking he might not be in the top six on our team at defense based on what I was seeing.

The last two weekends, especially last weekend against UMD, he has started to really roll.

He is getting into the zone and not turning the puck over and moving with great confidence.

He also has improved his play deep in the defensive zone. I've noticed him skating away from opponents with the puck with impressive success.

I would not factor stats at this point. Watching him would be a better measuring tool to determine how he is playing.

As long as he remembers he's a defenseman first... ;)

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The one trueism of the Sioux over the last 10 years is that a solid defense produces a stellar goaltender. I look to Simpson, Marto, LaPoint, Blood and Genoway to step up their games this weekend to vault UND into another level of college hockey tonight. Kristo need a breakthrough and I think he's up to the task tonight/this weekend as well.

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