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  1. How more hypocritical can one get than this post. I was not the one taking random shots at anyone. I was attacked by you and your brethren first. I do know a lot of people having lived in this town for a number of years. I sure to seem to be able to lead all the people here around quite well and twist their cajones into a knot with little effort. The kool-aid I am talking about is the flavor you share with all the like-minded people here who worship the hockey team, like the fat girl in the corner lusting after the star quarterback. If you people ever looked in a mirror and saw the reflection that was being given back you probably would be ashamed of yourselves. So you say you treat people the way that you want to be treated? Well then I am filling your wish.
  2. You people are just too much fun. All brave behind a keyboard lashing out at people. There is help for that anger out there. Counseling and certain medications come to mind such as Thorazine.
  3. I'm always told to provide proof about what I say so the same applies to you. What a bunch of tweebs that act like a bunch of school yard bullies that like to gang up on the person who does not drink their brand of kool-aid. I hope you are so proud of yourself along with the fine job your parents did in raising you. You need to deal with those anger issues before they eat you alive.
  4. An a$$ only to the feeble-minded. No you don't know anyone that works fo the Twins or the Wild you just made that up.
  5. That is why you find it necessary to comment on all my posts?
  6. Those negs are because I do not drink the kool-aid with the rest.
  7. You really seem to hate the fact that others may know more than you. Why is it so ahrd to believe that someone has been able to get free tickets? Have you ever had a personal friend play hockey at UND or were you too busy attending schools in the Minneapolis area too? Do you tell the judge that he or she does not know what they are talking about?
  8. How did that capitalist stock market crash in 2008 do for you?
  9. Have other things that I prefer to do with my vacation funds. Sources tell me that you Mr. NorthDakotaHockey are a graduate of the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell and are not even a UND alumni. Dang you are one nasty and angry SOB.
  10. Why is it people that are labled with the term "troll" are always discounted as having inacurate information? Is it because yellowknife maybe knows more than all the regular posters do? Is there jealousy on the part of the regular posters? Maybe because they do not and have never known anyone personally that is involved with the program?
  11. Ah the anger issues are coming out today. Have you talked to your doctor about these outbursts? There is treatment out there to deal with this anger.
  12. More uncontrolled anger being shown here.
  13. I am not the one here that is so full of hate and anger. I am a go along get along person. You guys are just a little sociological experiment in group think, which is very interesting to observe. I lead you down a primrose path and all of you follow it in lockstep. How does it feel to be a drone?.
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