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Yale series Officials


Who do you think is going to officiate this weekend's games?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is going to officiate this weekend's games?

    • 1. Mike Schmitt
    • 2. Derek Sheperd
    • 3. Campion
    • 4. Mason
    • 5. C Schimdt
    • 6. Anderson
    • 7. Don Adam

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Since this series is over Halloween, I thought I'd start a poll to see which of these refs will scare the crap out of us when they skate onto the ice on Friday and eventually anger us into calling for his head.

One should note: Derek Sheperd has yet to appear this season to my knowledge.... it may be time for him to show up.

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Its a chant the students have done for at least a couple years (although its died down lately due to stricter rules)

"Anderson needs a goat, Anderson needs a goat, Anderson needs a goat, so he won't f**k us!"

However, often it has been changed to a sheep for shepherd

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Campion is a class act. He's a quality ref. If I were Dean Blais, I'd see if he couldn't work some back alley tactic to get him to ref all our games. Yeah, he missed a few plays that could have been penalties but the also missed some that could have been called on us. All in all, he let the game be played.

It was kindof sad that the fans got on his case about the goal he negated. It wasn't obvious at first, but the replay clearly shoed it got kicked in. A good game.

I'm now really convinced that his time in the WCHA is numbered. Before too long he'll get noticed and off he goes to the NHL. Then we'll be back to Anderson and Sheperd.

UMD, my condolences.

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That's OK. UMD's special teams rocked the house. 4/9 on PP plus a SH tally! Granted it was against UAA, but hopefully this will grease the wheels for the PP and provide momentum for the unit that will continue for the rest of the season.

Wow, only 8 penalties called in your game! I suppose it's hard to get the PP going when you only have 4 oportunities. You'll get it going though, I'm sure...probably when Adam or Shep come to town!! :D

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