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Wild sign Dupuis


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Posted on ESPN.com:

MINNEAPOLIS -- Left wing Pascal Dupuis signed a three-year contract with the Minnesota Wild, his agent said Saturday. The team wouldn't confirm there was a deal.

Agent Allan Walsh said the deal was completed Friday night, but he wouldn't release any financial terms.

"He signed a contract that was fair for both sides," Walsh said.

Dupuis had 20 goals and 28 assists, and led the club with a plus-17 rating last season.

A team spokesman said the team wouldn't publicly announce the signing until Sunday because it would have to reassign a player to make room for Dupuis on the 23-man roster.

Dupuis arrived Saturday morning in Tampa, Fla., although not in time to practice with his teammates before the Wild's match against the Lightning. The 20-goal scorer skated for 45 minutes with assistant coach Mario Tremblay, but he won't immediately return to the lineup.

"All I can say is I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to see the guys," Dupuis told the St. Paul Pioneer Press at the team hotel Saturday afternoon.

Walsh rejected the team's first two offers to Dupuis. Earlier this month, Walsh said Dupuis was considering offers to play in Europe this year if the Wild didn't make a better offer.

Star right wing Marian Gaborik is still without a contract. He scored 30 goals and became the Wild's first All-Star last season.

Without the two holdouts, the Wild have struggled on offense this season. The team is 2-5-1 and in last place in the Northwest Division with only five points.

Both players are represented by the Beverly Hills Sports Council. Walsh's partner, David Schatia, has been handling most of Gaborik's negotiations lately, but Walsh said Saturday that both agents are co-representing him.


Let's hope they can get Gabby signed and put all of this behind them.

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I think the record is actually 2-6-1 because they lost to Tampa Last night.

No doubt it will help having this player back but the Wild Brass have to sign Gabby, he is the heart and sole of this team and without their top two players frankly the Wild suck...

Hey Wild management sign Gabby you made 12 million dollars for the division


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Do you think having players hold out for better contracts and then showing up after the season has started decreases team morale? I would think there would be some tension in the locker room when he gets back in the lineup. :)

Don't know...presonally I'm glad he signed. Gaborik I hear isn't far from a deal. Was in Minnesota looking for a house (good sign).

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It's hard to say, forecheck, sports have changed since the 1970s (when free agency became the way sports went). When a star holds out, or even if it is a major role player like Dupuis, it does have an impact on team chemistry. Morale has a small impact by holdouts, but it is chemistry that takes the biggest hit.

It is hard to say because the players realize that business is business, and sports is a business (debate this if you want, but you will lose). Therefore, all the players will wish the fast return of the holdouts so they can get that distraction out of the way and gel as a complete team. The players will not look at Gabby and say "That' guy is a crook and a poor leader" because they know that Gaborik is A) In the US and B) saying he wants to play with the Wild. If he threatened to walk away, like Jagr is contemplating (as well as a smattering of different players around the league have contemplated over time), then yes, it would affect morale.

The same could be said if the player holding out was a rookie or some minor role player (Can't give you any names for the Wild), then yes, he would have troubles fitting in inside the locker room. This isn't saying that it can't happen to superstars. For example: looke at Lindros while he was a Flyer. His parents threw hissy fits at Flyer's front office and Lindros followed his parents' advice and facilitated the loss of the C on his sweater and eventually the trade to New York for three minor leaguers..

It is a delicate balance at times, but with the Wild being too frugal and Gaborik definitely being the offense of the Wild, it is definitely the organization causing the problems. And don't point fingers at the GM. As a rabid Cubs fan, you learn very quick that the GM is restrained by a set monetary amount to attract and sign, or resign players. This is an issue with the ownership and Gaborik's agent.

I need not say to you that the two biggest problems in a free agency style sports world are 1) sports agents and 2) onwership

I'm so tired. I hope that made sense, forecheck.

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It is a delicate balance at times, but with the Wild being too frugal and Gaborik definitely being the offense of the Wild, it is definitely the organization causing the problems. 

I don't know if I agree with this being the case. Seems the Wild has made a very fair offer to Gabby.

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Goborik and/or agents are way overboard at 6.5M a year. Wild's offer seems good to me.

Otherwise, they can finish last and hope for the #1 pick Ovechkin.

Seems that this morning, reports are that Goborik's demands have been reduced to 4.3M/yr/ equal to what he's averaged the last two years. Sounds like the Wild are still a way below that, however.


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The scuttlebutt in the paper sounds as if Gabby may be signed shortly. My guess is you'll find him sign at the numbers that the Wild released a couple of weeks ago. If I'm not mistaken, that's also about what they originally offered.

We'll see if my guess is right I.

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Sounds like the story that Gaby was close to signing is wrong. Just reported that negotiations have broken down and Gaby has said he is leaving (to where, back to Russia).

Seems that the Wild managment and the agent have put out contradictory stories to win the fan support. No telling what the truth is.

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