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As I watched the game in bloomington @ sensor's the Sioux alumni passed out a flyer stating: Joe Sensor's in bloomington & rosevile will be intalling a new digital receiver and satellite dish to accomodate UND's men's hockey starting with the Oct. 31 series against Yale and all other home games this year from the Ralph.

I guess the cost of the equipment was justified with the thought of all the beers they'd miss out on selling to ND transplants watching SIOUX hockey. ;)

Great win by the club tonight!!!! GO SIOUX

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Just curious, why is joe sensor's so partial to UND hockey?? alum?

They may or may not be partial to UND fans, I don't know. But they are one of the few places in the Cities that has satellite for college hockey and anything else. I have been to a few other places but Sensors is the only place that I have found to have college hockey games on.

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Just my 2 cents, Any sports bar in a home town will show the home town team in the popular sport of the evening (or as many of them as they can get feed for). However, if there is feed that could be popular in a numerous subgroup (like Sioux fans in MSP) and the home team isn't playing or isn't televised (for some reason), then it makes sense to court the second choice attendees.

Anything to keep people on the premesis. I applaud Sensers for knowing this philosophy and utilizing it.

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