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Hale's Pro Debut


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Both Dave Hale and Paul Martin made their Professional Debuts last night with the Devils. The game ended up a 3-3 tie.

Hale who oddly wore number 25 for the Devils did not get a lot of ice time at the begining of the game but earned more in the latter periods. He ended up with 14:44 minutes of ice time and looked solid. He seems to be adjusting to the pro game well but I think he has some more work to do to get up the level that the Devils want him at. He played with a bunch of different people including Paul Martin (more on him in a bit) Scott Stevens and Colin White. He did end up -1 for the evening but overall it was a decent performance. It was kind of odd that Dave Hale was wearing his brothers number.

Paul Martin also got his first Devils start last night. He got a little more ice time than Hale did. (18:04) but even saw time on the power play and a short handed situations. Overall, he seemed very confident and was getting time in some important situations. He ended up a -2 for the evening.

There is much potential in those two--- I hope they both stay up in the NHL and have a great rookie year!

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Hale and Martin had a decent game in the Devils win at Carolina tonight. They have the two of them playing together. The Devils TV guys were refering to them as simply "The Kids". They were both solid but had a few break downs where it looked like they were simply trying to do things they could do In the WCHA but wont fly in the NHL.

Good Stuff

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