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UND adds goaltender to roster


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So what happened to Snider? Did he know he was gonna be a few months and done guy?

Just curious...Rich T

He was a midseason emergency walk-on. I'm sure he knew that his time wearing the Sioux jersey was limited.


And I'm sure he enjoyed it immensely regardless. :huh:

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I think you mean back to intramurals.

Technicially that's where he was before he was brought in.

PS - There's additional new information at http://www.areavoices.com/undhockey

All anyone can do is speculate about what promises were made to this kid. I highly doubt he was told anything other than the truth about his role. Walski was basically recruited to be a practice goalie as well and he is (for now) the starting goalie for next year. If Snider was told there was a possibility he would remain on the team that was likely true. I am sure if he was told that the chances were not good.

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And I agree with all of that thinking, I was just curious...

Snider was my "Sleeper" Pick in my Fantasy Draft...

Back to the drawing board...Oh well, at least Greico is still out there..."Groans" "Here we go again"

And he is still playing, check out the Tampa Bay training roster for last week... # 30 Grieco....



33 Aquino, Luciano LW 5'10 200 Ft. Wayne (IHL)

7 Barberio, Mark D 6'0 201 Moncton (QMJHL)

3 Barrie, Tyson D 5'9 180 Kelowna (WHL)

4 Courtnall, Justin LW 6'3 185 Victoria (BCHL)

16 De Coste, Kyle RW 6'1 178 Brampton (OHL)

30 Grieco, Anthony G 6'1 187 Mississauga (OHL)

24 Kaufman, Chris D 6'3 200 Bakersfield (ECHL)/Robert Morris U.

38 Lawrence, Chri RW 6'4 199 Norfolk (AHL)

2 Marsh, Tyson D 6'1 215 Columbia (ECHL)/Rockford (AHL)

39 Pighin, Evan RW 5'10 191 Chilliwack (WHL)

34 Szcezechura, Paul C 5'11 190 Norfolk (AHL)/Iowa (AHL)

17 Todd, Daine C 5'10 168 Medicine Hat (WHL)

74 Vlassopoulos, Andreas LW 5'11 180 Colorado College (WCHA)

77 Wishart, Ty D 6'5 203 Moose Jaw (WHL)/ Worcester (AHL)

July 30, 2008 in Training camp

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