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Message board rumors gone wrong


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From the NCAA blog:

Message Board Hoax Goes Too Far

Apparently, anonymity can lead to terrible judgment.

How else can you explain a 36-year-old man posting a bogus message board claim that two quarterbacks -- Sam Bradford and Landry Jones -- at the University of Oklahoma were arrested and charged with cocaine distribution?

The Oklahoman is considering legal action against the individual, which unfortunately for him isn't a hoax.

Here's a good rule to remember before you hit the send button.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

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Thanks fro the great read. I totally agree! This in a nutshell is the problem with message boards. To easy to bash and call names without a signature for all to see as well.

But...it's also an interesting message to people who think it's only high school or college kids that tend to go over the edge. The guy is 36 years old. Time to grow up, get a job and realize we're just fans supporting our programs.

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I read it on a message board so it must be true.

The worst part of the story is the 2 Texas radio stations who reported it as a news story.

At least around here we know that the Grand Forks Herald and Fargo Forum would never run a story as fact without fact checking first. :lol::silly::lol::lol:

Well I almost got that out with a straight face.

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