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Four more teams in FCS playoffs


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Sorry :sad: Here is what I gleaned,

"Coastal Carolina athletics director Warren ``Moose'' Koegel said Friday that the NCAA approved the selection committee's proposal to expand the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs from 16 to 20 teams beginning in 2010.

Koegel is part of the selection committee and said the number of 20 teams is a compromise from the committee's original desire to expand to 24 teams.

Big South commissioner Kyle Kallander said the Big South will get an automatic bid as part of the expansion.

Under the expansion the first round will include four games with 12 teams earning byes. See Saturday's edition of The Sun News for more details."

Not sure why I can't link this article. Maybe star2city will help me out on this. :lol:

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Cal Davis

Cal Poly




San Diego

That makes 6. You'd have to let in SD without scholarships and they'd have to want to leave the PFL.

That also assumes that SUU doesn't get snatched up by the Big Sky, which I am hoping does happen. That would eliminate the need for the Summit to add UVSU.

But, if UVSU adds football, then the GWFC can add them and you'd be back at 6.

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Don't cha need 6 teams for an auto bid?

One has to wonder if some of the teams would leave the Pioneer League??

The landscape seems to be changing and UND hasn't even played a game as a FCS


The MAAC is changing and the Pioneer League doesn't look stable from a stand point IMHO,

on the "needs based" approach in which the Pioneer League and Ivy League try to float.

The Pioneer League seems to be branching out. IMHO ,pretty far stretch on having Marist play San Diego

in the same league even if you play every other year.

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Geographically, San Diego makes a ton of sense for both the GWFC and USD. It's money that's an issue. USD is one of the most expensive schools in FCS, including the Ivies(Ivys?). A full ride at USD approaches $50,000 per year, including room and board. Also, since they are a private school, they don't have resident/non-resident tuition rates. A full scholarship football program(not saying they'd have to go to 63) would cost over $3 million in scholarships alone. And then there's Title IX. It's no wonder they're still in the PFL. I hope there is some way to make it work so the GWFC can get the 2014 autobid, but I'm not holding my breath.

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