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Fun with ages

Chuck Schwartz

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Has anyone else looked at the birthdays of our d-men? If not would you have guessed that Jake Marto is our second oldest defenseman? Pretty crazy.

Marto is 2 months older then Genoway, about half a year older then Jones, about 3/4 a year older then Chorney, about a year older then Finley, and about a year and 3/4 older then LaPoint. Bina on the other hand is 3 years and 7 months older then Marto, and 5 years older then LaPoint.

The biggest age differential on the team is Bina and Malone. Bina is about 6 years and 4 months older than Malone. Bina was also the oldest player on the team last season!

The biggest age differential in the last couple of seasons was Lee Marvin being 7 years older than Jonathon Toews. There was also a 7 year gap between Ryan Hale and Drew Stafford in 03-04.

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isnt bina the last player to play under blais?

03-04 season was deans last season and bina was the only player on that team that is still playing because of the medical redshirt he had to take

that team was fun to watch! until the 1-0 loss to denver - lets send them packing this year if we move on!

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