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Congratulations to the 27 moving on to the 2nd round!!

1Gopherguy33 - Kozek

2AZSioux - Vande Velde

6undbison - Kozek

13808287 - Kozek

16PersianGulfSioux - Vande Velde

20Capitals23 - Kozek

22Sioux forever - Kozek

33stickboy1956 - Kozek

34Air Force One - Vande Velde

37draftsman74 - Kozek

38soSiouxme - Vande Velde

46Snake - Kozek

47FSSD - Vande Velde

48Budwmn - Kozek

49Siouxmama - Kozek

52LeftyZL - Kozek

55Sioux Hockey Fan - Vande Velde

5682Siouxguy - Kozek

57Ray77 - Kozek

63Sparky - Kozek

69richthorpe - Vande Velde

70siouxzy - Kozek

71BIGSIOUX - Vande Velde

73Stack - Kozek

74siouxaholic - Vande Velde

76txsioux - Kozek

80Dr. Sioux - Kozek

Picks for round 2 must be posted by 700p Central time on Friday March 6.

Failure to post your selection by the above time will result in you being automatically ELIMINATED!

**Reminder - You are allowed to post a pick for both Fri/Sat at the same time. I don't want to keep anyone from going to the games!!


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