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A question about Brandon Bochenski.....


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I frequently visit the USCHO.com message boards. A while ago, someone posted something about Brandon Bochenski. They said that before he started his career at UND he was busted for using counterfeit money. I was just wondering what the story was, and if it is true.

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Folks really need to learn how to use a search engine.

The Story.

His two-year diversion agreement is about over. I believe completing that with no offenses expunges his record. (Someone correct me if that is in error.)

And let me restate my position on this clearly:

It's not the mistake in judgement, it's how you take responsibility for it and your actions afterwards.

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I dont know if a lot of you remeber last season (Boch's Freshman year) some St. Cloud fans made "Bochenski Bucks". Very creative. :)

I am sooooooooooooo glad no one at Mauricci pulled that. I might add, that I am surprised no one did. When I was 18-19 there were things that I did that I would not want the public to know about.

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