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  1. I fly to NYC frequently. Newark is a train ride away,, around $12.50. You can come in from JFK via the Airtrain & Subway for $7.50 on the E train. To come in from LGA on public transportation you'll have to take a combination of buses and the subway, or a cab for about $35. I'd choose Newark or JFK, depending on the airfare.
  2. Yes, for several years I managed a remote office there.
  3. Denver is basically Sioux Falls with a mountainous background. (Sorry, Sioux Falls)
  4. As a former English major at UND, I'm appalled this article got past the editor. Horrible grammar,,, shoddy work for a paper representative of the student body.
  5. It's interesting to watch the board today.. I've been a fan since the (depressing) Rube Bjorkman days. With every announcement of a new coach came the whining and consternation about the next coach,, and yet every coach has stepped in and done a brilliant job. Have faith. Berry got the job for a reason.
  6. I like Warhawks,, but have always liked the Wheatkings name from Brandon
  7. I get booted from the feed about every two to three minutes.. have to log in again.
  8. I keep getting bounced and have to sign in again.. anyone else seeing this? Anyone have an answer?
  9. If you stay in Covington, try the bourbon barrel beer,but be careful. It is delicious but it will sneak up on you.
  10. My IOS feed doesn't work either, and the UND sports feed is in and out. On top of that, after you get back on you have to endure the commercial you didn't want to see the first time. For a pay site this is simply unacceptable.
  11. Kober knows hockey - he just needs to go back and take English 101. His grammar and word usage is embarrassing to the university. Lat night's gem -- "ascared" Re: the song.. any reason we need one?
  12. The Denver dasher dancer disappears.
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