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  1. Continued prayers and hope for Hunter. The UND community is with you and your family.
  2. I made my point and said what I meant. I don't have a need to further explain my comments on this topic in open forum or in private messages. But the short answer is yes.
  3. I'm not going to let you bait me into calling out players by name on this forum because I'm more respectful than that. Plus, I'm not trying to indict student athletes that play for UND. My critique is of the S&C program. But I can name a minimum of few players that came in at a borderline ideal weight and when they left 3-4 years later, had not developed the requisite muscle mass that leads to being an explosive college football player. I've stood right next to kids as freshmen and as seniors and the eye test says the UND strength and conditioning program failed these kids. Players should come in with a high school body and leave with a D-1 football body. That hasn't been the norm the past few years.
  4. I've seen us lineuep against other FCS competition that appears faster massively bigger and stronger. Especially at the skill positions and and LBs.
  5. I agree with you 1000% Player development and S&C is lacking at UND. I'd argue I've seen players leave smaller unless they are a gym rat on their own.
  6. Oddly enough. Collins, as the UNC head coach, has guys on active NFL rosters as we speak. Maybe he can coach and just needed more talent. But it seems like those with potential were NFL ready after leaving UNC.
  7. My two cents. Our guys tend to be undersized in comparison to your opponents coming in. Problem is, they stay undersized throughout their time at UND. I beat that dead strength and conditioning horse enough. We also tend to bring in the right type of players during the Bubba era but somehow, while learning Bubba and Schmitty's system the athletic ability seems to decline. Not sure what to make of it other than, the system is too complicated so, guys play hesitant due to overthinking. We need big nasty mean mother sucker in the trenches on both side of the ball. Teams that control the LOS win ball games. Period.
  8. Congrats to the coaches and players on getting into the playoffs. I called them soft mid-season, deservedly so. As predicted by many, 7-4 (me included) was the magic number to make the playoffs. They got it done. Those that want Bubba gone will have to lament for 4 more years. If the Hawks win a playoff game or two, that buys Bubba and staff an additional 4 more years, and deservedly so. It wasn't always pretty, but key wins is what counts.
  9. 7-4 will be a nice way to finish the year. Two blowout wins at home may get a playoff berth. At the least good momentum for the off season.
  10. A good coach will want and need to be able to sell the program to quality recruits with facilities, scholarship money, and the ability to pay top shelf assistants that will do much of the teaching and mentoring good money. The strength and nutrition program is currently lacking at UND. Kids need to be able to eat body building foods during the day. Many have commented that our opponents look bigger, stronger and faster which establishes the nexus to strength, nutrition and recovery.
  11. Whoever comes in would need more resources than the current staff has to sign the kind of kids needed to turn it around and raise the bar at UND. ESPN U has a good piece on tonight focused on recruiting in college. It takes $$$$ to get good coaches and players in today's game.
  12. The majority of this roster is as soft as cotton. Too slow and not physical enough. We do have a few as in 4 or 5 that have that fire in them and are really talented, but its not enough.
  13. Coaching matters. Talent matters. Funding matters. Expectations matters. Fan support matters. Facilities matters. Everything matters if you are trying to put a consistently good product on the field, court, or ice.
  14. I was being sarcastic. I know its not how it works and I also don't see them winning Big Sky anytime soon if they did get back in. My point was we aint ready to be in Mizzy Valley.
  15. I agree 100%. But if your pu an Indy Car driver in a 1974 Pinto...its still a Pinto. Read my previous post I said, we need 'coaches that can coach'. That also includes being able to scheme, adjust in game, motivate, and coaching avg players to become good players.
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