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  1. Maybe we should go with something like this
  2. Poolman signs with the Hartford whalers.
  3. if Berry has two more seasons like the last two have gone, the amount of high end recruits will start going elsewhere. than we will be stuck with a team full of character guys.
  4. at least we wont lose anyone in the off season besides the seniors.
  5. they should bring these cards back. I believe it would get kids more involved in knowing the players names and numbers.
  6. i know the game starts at 7:07 is that central or mountain time? asking for a friend.
  7. Or if we won it, we could rub it in the whole nations face.
  8. Lets play where's waldo, but instead its where's Hrynkiw. AND GO!!!
  9. Build a parking ramp, than half way up put in an ice rink, and to top it off add a hotel. So the boys can get used to playing at that altitude. That is the reason they lost at Canisius.
  10. I heard the next upgrade will be all virtual fans in the upper bowl. You will be able to watch the games from home and they will project your likeness into a seat.
  11. Grant Paranica is doing good at Central HS.
  12. Why not bring this guy in???? He wont steal any ones girl. And when your done with him he fits nicely into a hockey bag.
  13. Berry and his crew should at least be getting a talking to from Bill Chaves on why his team is underperforming. Not saying Berry should be fired but he should at least under stand that their is an expectation from everyone that UND Hockey doesn't Rebuild, We Reload.
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