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  1. The "Lets go Sioux" chant was twice as loud as the "Lets go Huskies" chant
  2. Somebody call Tim H to go swat his nose with a newspaper
  3. Quite an obvious interference there by the former Roughrider
  4. Nope. Have to make sure the red head has his air time too.
  5. Schmaltz with his 3rd assist. I feel like he'll have 40 of them by years end
  6. Lol I figured I get some grief for that. As much as I dislike Kevin Gorg, I'd take him over Geno...
  7. Kinda wish we had the Gophers announcers. At least they somewhat understand the game.
  8. Definitely St. Cloud announcers. Completely clueless
  9. the other team must have possession and control for the high stick to become waved off
  10. And let Nick take over Penticton. I like that
  11. Bring in Nick Fuher as an assistant. Have an inside track on Jost and Fabbro
  12. Schmaltz is one of the best all around D men we've had in a long time. Played in all situations, incredibly smooth skater, and was the one of the better puck movers on the team. There is a reason the guy was on the top d pair all three years.
  13. Schloss confirmed it. He's gone.
  14. It would have somehow been Haks fault..
  15. Clearly you are mistaken. The rivalry is dead among students...
  16. I feel that if he is basing his decision on girls, he should take Ralph Cox's advice.
  17. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Auston Matthews would help our chances rather than hurting them.
  18. Just a hypothetical question, if Ford were to come here next fall, how long would he have to sit out?
  19. Anybody else in the hunt besides the CHL
  20. What's the latest on Fabbro and Jost?
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