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  1. Like to see Stewart show why he is starting...Buchanan and kinsey looked better vs Troy...juco McCauley like for him to show why he was a top 60 juco kid...Walters to show we have an ok backup 5...Jones to shoot the 3 ball like he did in juco where he hit a very impressive 45% from three as a high volume shooter
  2. NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Statistics - 2017-18 Season: 2017-18 Regular Season2016-17 Regular Season2015-16 Regular Season2014-15 Regular Season2013-14 Regular Season2012-13 Regular Season2011-12 Regular Season2010-11 Regular Season2009-10 Regular Season2008-09 Regular Season2007-08 Regular Season2006-07 Regular Season2005-06 Regular Season2004-05 Regular Season2003-04 Regular Season2002-03 Regular Season2001-02 Regular Season2016-17 Postseason2015-16 Postseason2014-15 Postseason2013-14 Postseason2012-13 Postseason2011-12 Postseason2010-11 Postseason2009-10 Postseason2008-09 Postseason2007-08 Postseason2006-07 Postseason2005-06 Postseason2004-05 Postseason2003-04 Postseason2002-03 Postseason2001-02 Postseason Conference StatisticsDivision I ----America EastACCAtlantic 10Big EastBig SkyBig SouthBig TenBig 12Big WestColonialConference USAIvyMAACMid-AmericanMEACMissouri ValleyNortheastOhio ValleyPac-12Patriot LeagueSECSouthernSouthlandSWACSun BeltWest CoastWACMountain WestHorizonAtlantic SunSummit LeagueAmerican Offensive Leaders POINTS PPG 1. Geno Crandall 41.0 2. Chris Clemons 39.0 3. Jon Elmore 38.0 4. Garrison Mathews 37.0 5. Kendrick Nunn 36.0
  3. actually game is correct....clearly without a doubt best half in UND history....likely one of the better overall halves in NCAA division one history
  4. Very good win..no doubt . Closed at a 7 point underdog. Problematic that geno plays perhaps the best game in UND D1 basketball history and the other team bricks a ton of free throws and the team only wins by the skin of their teeth.
  5. No idea.... Maybe the school has a scheduled signing event for athletes coming up soon
  6. a low minute limited role low D1 kid....Looking for a D2 offer I guess...explains having a offer for Jal and Hazekamp
  7. Did not see Brown or Collins in the posted hawaii trip photos
  8. Indeed, Bijiek’s dimensions will make most coaches swoon. He stands 6-foot-9 with a seven-foot wingspan and tips the scales at 190 pounds. His skill and potential have captured the attention of those around Texas and some around the country — he’s considered the No. 5 overall player in Texas for the 2018 class, and a four-star recruit by 247sports. up two 210lbs now.....
  9. Highest recruited kid to sign with UND....if Hazekamp is still on board it would mean a non senior will not be back
  10. Troy 4 starters back from last years NCAA Tourney team...Including first team all Sun Belt Jordan Varnado and Wesley Person 2nd team preseason SBC. .... Person son of NBA player. Tough first game for UND incorporating several newcomers into the rotation ...Curious to see if Dale Jones has retained is bounce and quicks after 2 ACL repairs... If his wheels look good he should be effective once he works out the cobwebs of barely seeing the court for the last 2 seasons... Troy 80 to 73.
  11. hoops44


    i thought the the coaches name was Bubba
  12. Carson Shank logged a grand total of 3 minutes in loyola exhibition win....Bernstine injured at Wa. St....Hooker doing ok for Polish pro team....
  13. based on Jones media guide comments it appears that he likes Buchanan to get the most PT of the freshman guards
  14. Avants 3rd year junior....geno and kinsey 4th year juniors and most likely to be eligible for grad transfer...Gophs still looking for a pg/combo guard next guard next season and would be willing to give crandall the scholly
  15. UND starting 5 bigger than last season..per inflated heights listed on official roster...no shanks means no option to go big however. BSC schedule a killer... play all the favs twice and the bottom feeders once this season....could be a tough out in conference tourney... If Jones is 100% and Stewart lives up to his prep recruitment pedigree
  16. geno, avants, jones, seales are locks.... Stewart probable..or Kinsey.... Brown and Moody should battle for 2nd guard off the pine....need Walters to give the depth at the 5 ... 3 game suspensions are the norm for first time DUI so geno and stewart might sit the first 3 unless they got off the hook
  17. not sure any help coming from the freshman...all the transfers will be key to teams success
  18. Dale Jones when healthy more upside then Bernstine....
  19. hoops44

    2017 Season

    time for darrel to start a fire the coach thread
  20. ID, MT ST. WEBER, MONTANA, N COLO, EW, SAC ST, PT ST, UND, SO UT, ID ST and N.AZ...... They were not impressed with UND recruiting last couple years, weak front court, solid guards, 9th is about the lowest UND could finish IMO.....i was looking for 6th for UND..... They pretty much liked not loved Geno, Seales and Avants....the rest of roster they assumed the worst it would appear ....
  21. Blue Ribbon Year Book which is by far the most comprehensive and respected preseason NCAA basketball publication...has pegged UND 9th in the BSC ..no players on preseason all league team . Last year they were only pre season guide to pick UND first.
  22. Utah Valley/transfer U ...Will likely have the most raw talent of any team to grace the Betty in a long time. 3 BYU Transfers, plus transfers from Kent St. Utah, Xavier and 7 ft. Manyang from Oklahoma who was the number rated Juco in 2015.. Utah V. Opens at Kentucky and Duke....good RPI game
  23. prospects for getting big at this time were poor....Looking at a big juco from Texas... Pretty good shot of a another spot opening by March/April...Geno and Kinsey are a potential grad transfers, one of the young guards may not see much a PT future at UND and the coaches may encouraged one to look elsewhere
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