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  1. They missed quite a bit 7 years ago...and so did u
  2. Try thinking before posting for a change....huff had offers from ndsu and Montana...sometimes it is smarter to be quiet
  3. Josh Collins is a d2 player...much better fit at d2...
  4. Geno was a late bloomer late growth spurt, played with 3 high d1 recruits at D.. did not play for elite AAU...level... i posted here that he was a exc. pick up on this board when he first signed....brown is a d2 kid . Do you homework before posting
  5. Hindsight is 20/20 ...no harm in expressing an opinion on which players are most likely to leave... the fact that they are offering a player ...indicates a likelihood of someone leaving...I stated my opinion on that...
  6. 13 scholly limit..try thinking before stupid posts..
  7. Looks like another player is leaving.....Crandall,McCauley, or kinsey
  8. Rebounding will always be a problem for this team avants maybe 6’6” jones does not block out ...small and or skinny team...they need to shoot well, protect the ball, create turnovers...rebounding well is not a part of their make up
  9. Hopefully missed free throws ..do not come back to haunt them. 6/13
  10. Weber too big up front...tough match up...plus they are primed for revenge...I am laying the 2 pats here
  11. Looks like jones is banking McCauley til next season...never heard what type of season ending injury he suffered, but he was a fairly high ranked juco recruit who was ahead of Collins in the rotation prior to his mystery injury.
  12. Looks like they will fight no as for las place
  13. Serious defensive issues..poor rebounding...crap shooting...turnovers, dumb fouls...everything else looks good
  14. Cannot it the side of a Barn door shooting....stupid fouls lame refs
  15. Yes und will be the duke of the summit league....and all the other teams will be playing for second place...und will bring in 4 star recruits.pay their super coach 1 million a year so he will not take a better job....build a 15000 seat basketball arena to generate revenue...
  16. Bernstine better on boards and a lot better on defense...than jones
  17. They did not find 100k 2 years ago...zero chance 400k
  18. New ad is going to give jones a 420k buyout....what ya been smoking
  19. Rich man made dance with players he inherited...he make 190k 40% more than Jones.money talks...bs walks
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