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  1. Will still be a long four years ..new coach will have to rebuild and recruit quality d1 basketball prospects to grand forks which is not easy to do.....unlikely to budget money to buy out jones, did not do for 100k . Now he has 140k guarenteed for 4 years....plus Have the coin to get a great coach to grand forks. The fires jones mantra will ring empty for another 3 years
  2. Jones will need to upgrade talent big time or this will be his last und contract....will need to get rid of a couple players and replace them with division 1 level talent...next year team will be worse if geno splits...the year after worse...unless tough choices are made...
  3. Seales goes exclusively to his left...is small for the 3 and has no outside shot...teams over play him to the left,let him shoot the 3 and try not to let him get the ball inside of 12 feet from the rim
  4. The shooting coach jones brought in from Australia deserves a big pay raise
  5. Jones wants geno to pass the ball to guys that cannot score to save their life...rather than looking for his own shots
  6. Crappy refs... cannot shoot to save their lives .
  7. Knee injury...day to day...no word on mccauley
  8. If McCauley is not ready to play by now...then the bench way too thin...Senior laden vandals will be too much, and the season will be long
  9. Zags a 28 pt fav. 50% chance they score at least 100
  10. McCauley is out indefinitely with an undisclosed injury.... sounds fishy , I guess if he does not play In the next couple weeks he will be taking an injury redshirt...has not played in a month so must have suffered a serious injury in Hawaii ..but not serious enough to disclose...maybe Jones is going to bank him this season....
  11. 100k for d1 basketball. Is peanuts....geno needs 25 shots a game...let Stewart bring the ball up....geno trying to set up stiffs who cannot shoot is not working out....
  12. Saving their A game for The Zags on Saturday
  13. Does not appear the team will peak early this season
  14. McCauley is a foward....never played guard
  15. McCauley a top 50 juco was slated to help...but has dissapered without a word since nov 12.
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