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  1. Looking for a pair of tickets for both nights - UND alumnus.
  2. Anyone catch Idalski's post season press conference? What a complete stooge! Only a fool would conduct themselves as he did. With malice and full intent, he threw his entire senior class under the bus for his incompetence! He essentially questioned their character and in doing so discounted their contribution to the program. The only truth he uttered was that the team play was inconsistent. However, anyone with a resemblance of a clue knows that this lack of execution rest solely on the coaching staff. He is getting paid considerably and it is his responsible to inspire these players to perform. To suggest his only accountability was his failure to recruit players with character and grit, is not only convenient but laughable and pathetic. One can only hope Faison is not naive enough to either believe or except this garbage. Amsley-Benzie, Dufault, Kohler (these are national level players) Hanson, Lashomb, Marvin, Kaiser (players don’t come any more committed or competitive). The fact is this Senior Class was not only the most accomplished class in program history they did by all accounts not only perform exceptionally on the ice but even better in the class room (based on all the athletic awards attributed throughout the years). If his response at this press conference is indication of HIS character, personality and subsequently then his approach, he’s most likely a bully and if their play did indeed suffer it was undoubtedly because they gave up on this douche! The facts are this team was really nothing until the Lamoureuxs transferred in and not only changed the culture; they gave the entire program legitimacy. Subsequently then, this accounted for arguably the best class in the programs history which opened the door for other premier type players that followed. And just for the record (for those three years) the Lamoureuxs ran those teams and if there was a drop in production (Post Lams) it wasn’t the seniors (or the players for that matter).Idalski had the lead and in my opinion crapped his pants! There had been steady decline ever since. Idalski and only idalski is responsible for the end results. Watching the WCHA tournament championship game recently on TV, Olympian Natalie Darwitz went on about how much she respected Mark Johnson of UW. That the players under his leadership did not only want to do their best…more specifically they strived to not disappoint him. I could never see a coach like him ever disparage his players as Idalski did (especially on their way out). The only other coaches I’ve seen act this manner are Shannon Miller, Eric Means, Nate Handrahan…wait I believe they were all let go! As a fan I was not only proud of this class but thoroughly enjoyed watching them play. I wish only the best for any future success.
  3. 126 days...wow! Too bad he wasn't found with a couple ounces of weed...might have gotten the sentence he really deserved. Hopefully in the name of justice there will be a civil trial.
  4. I wonder if this was the same moped that sidelined Budish a couple of years ago
  5. Congratulation to the team on a very successful season, it was fun watching this young team with a great senior class mature into a legitimate contender. The future looks very bright. Nice job coaches. Can not wait until next year!!!
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