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  1. This is the one for me too. The 2nd and 3rd goals in quick succession were incredible. I was sitting just inside the blue line on the glass, for Blake's 3rd goal. He sneaked over to the boards on the blue line, received a long pass from our own blue line, and then cut inside and handcuffed the goalie with just an incredible wrister. Have never been in a louder building for a sports event. It was chaos. And as the game was winding down, Spehar, who was already hated, slipped and fell. That precipitated an incredibly loud "Spehar, Spehar, Spehar, sucks sh*t" chant. I had the Gopher
  2. That is as generic and not related to the state as Hawks are. The comment that kept coming up from one side during the nickname polling was that we shouldn't go with Roughriders because Red River already has that name. This was always an asinine argument. The Hawks is as awful of a name today as it was years ago when it was floated as an option.
  3. It should have been Roughriders, but there are too many reject "grown-ups" that think that high school means anything.
  4. How much do you want to bet that he was "privy" to some not-so-friendly commentary about his assistant? I know I was exposed to more racism while at UND than I have been anywhere else.
  5. GoFundMe for medical bills represents the absolute failure of free market economics in terms of health care.
  6. First thing I thought when I saw a bump of this thread was: "wonder if he's dead". Not a good sign.
  7. This story is one of the main links on espn.com right now.
  8. The one thing that really stood out to me in the 2nd half on defense was the way that the outside rushers were continuously pushed upfield, leaving big holes between the Tackles/Guards. Richmond either took advantage by rushing to those holes or giving the QB clean sightlines. I feel like there wasn't enough emphasis on keeping the lanes clogged, but instead the edge rushers were trying to go outside to get to the QB every time.
  9. Fully concur with this. It was so fun to watch Davis' highly-touted QB just smothered by the defense, and it was LOUD in the Alerus.
  10. I'm sure you'll get deluged with down votes from the dregs of society Trump voters, but here is one upvote.
  11. I really wish they had ponied up additional funding for the creation of logos for the finalists, so that we could have voted on the nickname and logo combination.
  12. Well, that brings up a more fundamental question - why do college sports exist at all?
  13. For those that took AP Calc in HS, Calc II and Calc III were first year classes. Was cruising through Calc II my freshman fall semester, setting the curve for the class, until finals where I focused on other classes and found out too late that I did not quite understand what a Taylor Series was. Talk about a panic attack on a final. Sorry for the OT. I have no good answers for the budget cuts. I generally think that the administration costs are overrated in these discussions and the "arms race" aspect of colleges competing for students by building new facilities and providing excessiv
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