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  1. Don't backtrack. You said Hillary got killed. She lost by less than 1% in the states that tipped the election (MI, WI, PA). That is not getting killed, that is as close as it comes. And it shows how little Biden has to improve on Hillary's performance to win.
  2. I'm not sure how this is a response to anything. Obama commuted or pardoned a lot of non-violent drug offenders that were caught up in mandatory minimum sentences. It was pretty bipartisan.
  3. War criminal Eddie Gallagher is the better corollary to Lopez Rivera, except Lopez Rivera actually served 36 years for his crimes. Trump’s commutations of his buddies is unmatched by Obama.
  4. I’ll admit to having blanks spots in farm policy and I cannot tell one rifle from another, but yes, I find it important to stay as informed as possible on a wide range of topics.
  5. No, that means that there were several electoral-rich states right at the inflection point. If Biden were to do 1.5% better across the board than Hillary, a historically unlikable candidate, he would flip back WI, MI, PA, and FL and win 307 to 231. So, what you are saying is that slight movement in votes would result in Trump getting “killed”? I don’t think you understand our election system.
  6. “Killed like Hillary did”? She won the popular vote and lost due to extremely small margins in three states. It was one of the closest elections ever.
  7. The best data at this point shows that kids are not efficient transmitters of COVID. What the CDC is saying is that the risks of sending kids to school are more than balanced by the risks posed by kids missing school (education, mental health, etc). This is not a change in argument and doesn’t say anything about adults in close proximity. And it is a shocking twist that Oxbow fails to comprehend anything related to COVID:
  8. He was certainly a less than compelling candidate as a challenger, but he is exactly the steady rudder candidate that would be coasting to victory right now. Imagine a good economy, scandal-free presidency, and a national non-partisan strategy to defeat COVID. Against Biden he’d probably be up 10 right now. Instead, we have the most incompetent, corrupt politician possible who is on the verge of getting thumped and probably turning over the presidency, House and Senate to the Dems.
  9. I’m really glad Romney is not president right now. He would be more difficult to defeat in November.
  10. It is a fine answer. If Rs think that nothing can or should be done to help, that is your prerogative. But you can’t then turn around and criticize Blacks from voting for Ds and blaming D policies for the state of the Black community.
  11. And Roger Stone gets his sentence commuted. Good to be friends with Trump. Treating the presidency like he is a mob boss.
  12. You have it confused. I’m on the side of not wanting people to die. I know that is perplexing for you.
  13. Florida finally started reporting hospitalizations again.
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