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  1. Everytime i see a post in this thread... all i can think is it being narrated in the Oak Island voice...

    "Could it be?..... That brothers Rick....and Marty Lagina..... have unearthed a brick from the 1600s that once might have been a part of a 25,000 seat stadium?... And is it possible that stadium will be used by the local tech college in their D1 transition?"

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  2. Unrestricted transfering would lead to a massive under the table kickback problem amplification.

    Think its bad with the CHL stuff now... thats nothing compared to the arrogant B1g when they look down theit noses to pluck kids from the mankatos and other schools theybwill deem as "feeders".

    Couple that with the paying of college athletes issue and its basically the nail in the coffin of collegiate athletics, especially hockey.


  3. 1 hour ago, SWSiouxMN said:

    Deal has potentially hit a snag, Red Soxs docs are concerned about Graterol injury history 

    I have a theory that Boston has realized so much flak... and the fact that its a terrible trade.. that they are now trying to use this as a way to blow it all up. 

  4. 38 minutes ago, nodakgirl93 said:

    I doubt today's youth use Facebook that much. It's mostly Instagram and Snapchat.

    Maybe they could have ya vote by choosing a snap filter of your face turned into the hobey pose with the teams sweater augnented in.

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  5. But getting back to the horn thing.....

    Its terrible. we lose to Denver both nights if that horn is in play... say the boys have a tight 1st period.... Denver hears that weak limp bleating excuse of a horn.... they think..who are these people and come out inspired to toss up a beating. Cant let that happen Jody.

    For the sake of the season... REA....

    Change the horn.

    but to what.... what fits from a local flair prospective...

    That sound your car make as it slams into a GF pothole?.... 

    Hows about a tornado siren?.... or a beet truck horn, a buck grunt, a goose call,  the whine of a fargonian without a daily dose of bison coverage?

    What sound encapsulates the region? 

    My top two are maybe just recordings of someone saying "ope!... gosh we ran out of time there".... or a shouted burst of a dude behind the counter of the pepper ...."NEXT!"

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  6. Literally was just about to just give them their damn online subscription....

    Then I used a free click on the Bochenski hit piece, thankfully saved me money.

    Other than a delivery vehicle for Brads hockey writing, i consider it a dinosour that nobody needs anymore...

    Its a Dontneedasourus...


  7. 3 hours ago, yzerman19 said:

    Sioux vs Gophers or Badgers in the old sports garden 79-88 was unbelievable...from the smokers in the concourse to the Farce to the dead rodents...it was amazing.  I was a little boy with my dad and I will never forget those games...the frozen tunnel under Columbia...running from by University park to stay warm...

    This. The smell... it was just legendary. 

  8. Judd pulls a "Minnesota".... thats a 5.

    It wasn't tho.

     Webster defines a "Minnesota" as:

    hit player lays on ice holding head while casually glancing at officials to gage level of sell required. Frequently requires trainer or EMT assistance to get off ice.

    Previously near death player will generally be seen on the first available power play shift.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Goon said:


    Apparently, he isn’t drinking tonight.  I know it's hard to believe. 

    It a safe bet that sobriety is imposed by a judge.

    Guaranteed he has to blow into a sensor to start the car or the computer.... not to mention the speed dial to kfan.

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  10. To make matters worse for western ND, it was just recently a few of the county papers like the Dunn county Herald folded.


    I know papers are a relic but as for local applicable news and information on the farms and ranches of western North Dakota, these changes are very difficult to overcome.

    I thibknthis graphic really highlights the evergrowing gaping hole of local coverage.




  11. On 1/8/2020 at 1:56 PM, Brasco said:

    FYI Fan apparel store in Fargo Mall selling Authentic Adidas North Dakota jerseys on sale for $79.99. They have white and black available. Sizes ranged from 50-54

    Safe bet they are the authentic retail Indonesian made jerseys, legit retail liscenced and legit version, just not the Canadian made on ice version.

    siouxshop has the indo-retail version for 130ish so 80 is a decent value......


    except for the ugly bird n the shoulder. 

  12. My coffee induced crackpot conspiracy theory, it may be more far fetched than a volley of teams future D1FBS plans but here goes:

    It took a LOOOONG time to finalize the nashville thing right...

    Maybe the winter classic situation was up in the air too and UND/REA UMtc NHL MNTwins President ..... where all trying to find a way to make it all work out. 

    Its a big ask for any fan base and season ticket holders to have 2 destination games in the same seaaon 

    ---- plus the frozen four trip, of course-----

    maybe there was a possibilty to push Nashville a year, do the Winter classic, rework the UMtc series and make it all work ot to not shortchange the season ticket holders, add another big exposure event and do it all.

    Whos knows probably not at all the case.... 

    It would be awesome to be a part of the winter classic events but the timing and other games and factors sure seem to be against it at this point.

  13. 18 hours ago, Siouxperior said:

    Was at my daughters graduation on Friday (way to go Kiddo!!) and a little further down the list of graduating students was Rhett Gardner. He wasn't at the ceremony but congrats to him too!

    Love that these guys keep plugging away at the online classes UND offers.


  14. 1 hour ago, Oxbow6 said:

    He looked ok. Played 11 minutes and was a -1.

    Unfortunately he got beat gliding and reaching on the first Vegas goal.... but his whole line looked like an unhinged unit playing together basically for the first time.... 

    ...because they were playing together for the first time.

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