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  1. On 11/10/2019 at 8:32 AM, Oxbow6 said:

    Is GF ready for a Popeyes.....minus the stabbings, gun fire and employee assaults on customers of course.

    The one in Fargo has good food, decent customer service and is pretty well run but I'm still partial to Chick-fil-A as it is still a couple notches above in all categories.

    Id like the option for change of pace, but you are correct a world behind The Chik...

  2. 16 hours ago, Cratter said:

    No WeFest this coming year to help the local economy.

    Just like lots of things with new ownership....uncertainty. 

    I have absolutely zero belief that it will ever return to DLakes. its probably less than a zero percent chance.

  3. Well who doesn't??

    But for 365k your asking someone to deal with the walking corpses in the legislature. 1000 bucks a day is not enough to suffer a day in those committees.

    Although if it was me I'd just form a force field bubble of committees to deal with the committees.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Melvin said:

    Yeah, I would be real hard to survive on $365.000. 

    Its obviously not that it's "tough to survive" its the relation to the inequality of thenpay in relation to other presidential positions, as well as the compensation for "good canidates" current and future potential in their current roles.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, Fetch said:

    I still hate those DAMN microphones or what ever they are on both ends near the faceoff circles - hang down about a foot on the glass - It really many times looks like the puck - I tried last yr to email everyone I could think of & got NO Response ?????????

    And if a guy would just stick a piece of white duck tape to the back of it, it would solve the problem and not be noticeable.

    Seems like such a simple solution. Maybe just sneak a few pieces in next game.... for all of us.

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  6. 4 hours ago, NDMoonStars said:

    If you look at the composition of the SBHE and the committee, it was pretty clear from the get go that Heitkamp would not be seriously considered. 


    Well yeah no shyt......

    The Heitkamp stuff was a trolling joke by Fargo media to see if UND would actually take the bait.

    Some did, but .......No.

    That joke was never actually taken seriously.


    Fargo would have loved watching UND writhing all over itself in awkwardness to get into and out of that nightmare scenario.


  7. UND needs to just straight stop scheduling BSU.

    Really nothing good can come out of the series, win and it’s a near meaningless wins for PWR, lose or tie and it’s an anchor, moreso on the road.

    Worse off, playing the beaver style doesn’t get UND prepped to play the style of the NCHC, the rest of college hockey.

    To the player development aspect, the style of play really isn’t applicable in prepping the players for the next level of professional hockey either.

    The cute aspect of the big brother helping out the local fledgling into the big wide world is more than jumped the shark. 

    In all reality the time has come to cut off the yearly guarantee and maybe at best allow them to come for a series at the REA every four years or so.

    Lots of better options to schedule biannual home and away agreements with, especially some more B1G and HE teams, or at least some real upstarts for exposure such as ASU.

    My interest in driving to GF - or bermidgchee for that matter - to spend money to watch these games is almost zero. If I wanna watch a bunch of guys clutch grab and trap, I’ll...... wait I don’t want to watch that.

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  8. 22 hours ago, Langster019 said:

    Not jersey related but noticed the socks have the adidas logo on the front. Not a fan. 

    The last socks have all had the logos, CCM, Reebok and Nike before that. 

    Not that your wrong, btw, on liking it or not.

  9. Parise seems to work hard but the results arent there this year.

    Suter..... my god its like he's retired and giving beer league effort day in day out. He doesnt look like he has the passion for hockey anymore. But if he retires its just saddles the wild with eating the cap space and having to replace him. There is no place to move him he'd agree to so its just.... an anchor.

    They dont make the playoffs this year, Boudreau is fired and the next sucker to take the job has the same team and the results will be similar.

    Last year was their one shot, and they blew it. MN sports.....

  10. 10 minutes ago, burd said:

    It's pretty illogical to think the team played well last weekend in our own rink against one of the weakest teams in the country and that they played poorly this weekend against the #2 team in their rink.   But a lot of people just start with outcome and work backward based purely on emotion.  

    This is extremely accurate.

  11. On 10/15/2019 at 3:42 PM, MafiaMan said:

    Had Auburn quietly updated merchandise without making a big deal out of it, nobody would have even noticed this logo update!

    It was the most minuscule change in the history of logos.

    Imagine their outrage if they picked some stupid postal service bird thing to replace their hostile tiger ?!!!!


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  12. http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/10/15/auburn-tigers-nix-new-primary-logo/

    Back in 1995, the Tigers asked the public to submit designs that would replace the university’s primary logo. The idea was met with opposition from fans, students and alumni, and was ultimately scrapped.

    This summer, Auburn began the process of rolling out an updated primary athletic and academic mark, dubbed internally as a new visual identity system, in an attempt to bring the logo into the digital age. The tweaks were minor — such as removing the negative space between the upper part of the “A” and “U,” as well as matching the font size of the two letters — but the change was once again met with heavy resistance.

    Then on Monday evening, Auburn Student Government Association president announced the Tigers would not be changing their beloved primary logo after all. 



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  13. On 10/12/2019 at 1:58 PM, I Ranger said:

    I've been meaning to ask this question after last week and now again after last night is anybody worried about Caulfield? For him to be behind Casey Johnson on the depth chart is scary to me. I know for some reason Berry loves him some CJ but yikes!

    Peraonally I think,  and hope, this weekends roster decisions were to give some some playing time they may not see again this year. 

    Also to give them every chance to prove their worth at quasi-exhibition speed so to say.

    We shall see next weekend I guess.

  14. 3 hours ago, UNDBIZ said:

    You're going to knock somebody's grammar in this post? :crazy:

    I didnt critique his grammar, in any way.

    I will call out how he basically just copy and pastes quotes and content from other journalists work into clunky paragraphs and calls it his own work. That's fair game.

    That's borderline p word.....

    As someone who has been professionally published, that's kind of offensive. And NO I'm pot nerfect especially on a tiny phone keyboard on quick comments, but sorry not writng for pay here, just passionate about the program.

    Goon is a good person met him before. His writing and blogs were cute for a bit, I honestly thought it was great that UND granted media access to a "special needs writer"..... when I found that not to be the case the copy paste was significantly less cute.

    But when literally anyone associated with the progrum can get him to regurgitate the same attutude of arrogance when there are instances of glaring deficiencies, that are fair to discuss, it becomes even less cute, certainly won't stay quiet when he's popping off on here.

    Nobody was saying the sky is falling just pointed out that there was still some serious concerns, especially, with full 60 play, and the PP.... even whilst winning 2 games that were absolutely expectation to win contests.

    Objective media coverage is sparse with UND. Hell in the cities the media would be dragging Bubba up and down all sides of print, radio, and web. I like that we are much less aggressive with our coverage here. (This is something of an opinion I have that Schloss would struggle in larger markets NOT being so aggressively objective) 

    This doesnt mean we shouldnt expect objective, critical analysis of what we can clearly see happening on the ice/field.

    Case in point.... The last year the dominance of shots being pushed as a positive while clearly not reporting on the quality of shot selection and skill which resulted in ... the end result.

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