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  1. 11 minutes ago, geaux_sioux said:

    Memorial isn’t doing so hot structurally. If you get the chance go and look at the brick walls and how much they bow out. 

    This season I actually did that a bit, got to see some things I hadn't for a decade or so, its all pretty rough and sketchy.

    Its not good. I say use that info to create a sense of urgency, take the pain now and get beyond it.

    The status quo is pointless to continue to support.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, SJHovey said:

    I like to listen in to various hockey podcasts just to hear what people around the country are saying about college hockey.  I happened to catch Motzko's interview with Wally Shaver following the UND series.

    I like Motzko, and I think he'll do well for Minnesota, but he gave me a chuckle.  After Wally said something about Minnesota coming off a tough weekend against North Dakota, Motzko said that he always goes home and watches recordings of the game.  He said he went home after the Thursday game expecting to see that his team was dominated.

    "I didn't see that.  Not at all.  We were right there.  2-1 game.  Pretty even in shots.  Anyone's game.  We get called for another penalty late in the period.  We do a great job killing it off and then basically at the end of the penalty a shot goes in and it's 3-1.  We give one up to start the 2nd and it's 4-1.  It wasn't anything that North Dakota did to us.  We did it to ourselves.  We fumble the puck, there isn't anyone within 20 feet, but it gets turned over and then a goal.  But it had nothing to do with them pressuring us."

    Then Wally makes some inane comment.

    I don't know.  Sometimes I think you just gotta call a turd sandwich a turd sandwich and move on.  But is description didn't match up to closely with my recollection of that game.


    If Motzkoball couldn't see and admit the Thursday game was butt-thumping from the drop of the puck to the final horn......

    UMtc is in for a longer more painful era of mediocre.... hell even his assistants were almost puking in disgusted rage during the intermissions.... "right there" good lord those players where in a different time zone of talent and skill.

    I'd sayit was sheet will, lucky bounces, and B1G stripes that kept it close and respectable Sat night.... but to think thebprogram is "right there" with UND is foolish....

    Statements like that don't encourage fans and donorbase, it just creates more doubt about his abilities.


  3. 10 minutes ago, SJHovey said:

    Let's assume he doesn't win his appeal.  What are Blake's likely options for this season?

    Keep practicing with some of the best high school players around and be in great shape and rested come Jan 28?

    Thats what I'd do, that will come fast kinda like a minorish injury setback and recovery time frame really. It is the bulk of the game schedule 17 games from now to then, but then back for 7 and the tournements. 

    These kids play plenty of games spring summer and fall, sucks to miss them but who knows, may even change on appeal.

    Thats assuming he is able to participate in practices I guess.

    Especially withbhighly talented teammates, development happens in practice.

  4. Double edged sword on making people aware of the current conditions of locker rooms and such, play that angle up too much and becomes very visual for potential recruits before they can get them on campus and definitely more used by competing programs.....

    But most people arent aware of what exactly the current conditions are that necessitate Phase II.....

    by putting that out there more does that create the urgency to give......

    at this point the short term pain may outweigh the potential negatives. 

    I know finding more about exactly the current state has made me more willing to support.

  5. 19 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

    The relationship with Altru has really killed our athletic facilities. Sanford would have dumped multiple large donations already.

    Imagine that Altru kills something else....

    Did the facility go in for a headache, or a routine procedure of sometype?


  6. 38 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

    The takeaway from that may be the massive budget cuts that he dealt with...  

    I'd like to hope we are beyond that in ND ..... but i know that is not going to be the case in the next decade.

    Hopefully he can use his experiences to better handle those situations as they arise.

    And really after the last few presidents its not going to be tough to lool good in comparison, and ..... the further removed we are from the last well liked president, the better to not be living in the shadow.


  7. Well to me no huge red flags are present or reasons to be outraged by the selection in any way, so here's to giving the guy a shot and hoping he has a good long and successful tenure.

    Lots of difficult issues ahead in higher education but i think now is a great time to be coming into the position.

    Welcome and good luck!

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  8. I've already noticed a plethora of changes in Cabelas that has drastically reduced my shopping through them. 

    Everything seems cheaper in quality.

    Unfortunately everytime I goninto the East Grand store it just "feels" like its in a death spiral.  

    Does it still fall under some type of tax benefits from the city? I'd imagine that would have expired long ago.

  9. If I wa making "millions" by shilling unlicensed counterfeit jerseys.... pretty much the last thing I'd want is an article in Forbes.

    Bookmark this, I guarantee the licensing companies will try to make an example out of him, they have to now.

  10. It always amazes me the direct corelation between Hak hate and the hater not having a bumfuwks clue about hockey.

    Its almost comical how quickly they are willing to prove the point on social media and the forums.

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  11. Worst is when pxp or color guys give too much emphasis of intimidating predestined greatness or power to random things that dont deserve it in the context... tough to describe...

    but like when the older guy for UMtc, the one that sounded like he had ice cubes and olives from his martini rolling around in his mouth, .... would greatly overemphasise a simple zone entry to make it seem as if some overly powerful entity was involved and the opposition should quake at their percieved amazingness.

    Alex tends to do this as well, especially in some of the other things he does... but does so as well in desribing hockey

  12. 59 minutes ago, dden3 said:

    Anybody know what’s in store for Hak after the Babcock firing today?

    more than likely replaced bybthe new guys guy at some point in the near future.

    Guys like their own guys

  13. The coaching staff deserves credit for adjusting to the DU power play.

    DU is big,  physical, skilled, well coached, and a good tendy. 

    Brink is legit, reminds me of Oshie.

    Serious Natty contenders.

    Very good game from UND, focused, played for 70 minutes... very impressed, the Sioux fans who traveled got rewarded!

  14. That being said, if UND was in the Big, many of us would be justifying the supperior position using exactly these mentioned comparisons.

    Love what the NCHC has become, but aside from Denver and Duluth, its tough to not agree with the argument....

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  15. 2 minutes ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    The B1G led attendance over any conference. Their rinks are large.
    UND led attendance over any team.

    I believe what i poorly referenced was the sparse buts in seats results that everybody can see in MN and Wisco when B1G teams are playing there, any teams actually. Honestly havent looked much into some of the others.

    Mich and Penn seem to have some attendence, Ohio and Mich state id want to research a bit.

    But i dont care to travel to or attend at REA games vs thise any more or really less than the NCHC teams.

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