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  1. 33 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    The truth is Berry picked the wrong time to try and help a kid out and shape him into being a better person.  5 years ago this kid sails through the program.

    This is true.

    Not saying its right, but it is true.

  2. 25 minutes ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    I went on the NDMV website and ordered vehicle license tags Sunday evening.
    I received them in the mail in GF on Wednesday.

    What people dont realize is that distribution centers for USPS have super strict coevid rules.

    If an employee tests positive the entire facility SHUTTERS for 14 days.

    I Had a package tracked to this issue that took over 25 days due 1)the facility locked down, and then 2) the backlog in resuming service. 

    I wouldn't trust them with a 2nd grade valentine card let alone my vote.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Really? said:

    Hope we aren't heading towards a rep as the "Last chance U" for NCAA Hockey.  Don't want to be thought of in the same light as Youngstown football is in the MVFC.

    I really think thats a stretch... a far far stretch. Suspiciously far stretch.


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  4. 4 minutes ago, tnt said:

    Not so sure about this, if 10 teams said they had him off the list, and I would bet that the victims mom will be more proactive in denying him a chance to play pro hockey.  

    This loses its power over time, in reality.

    Especially if UND can and does support his true redemtion.

    Right or wrong it does.  It will be easy to sign the kid quietly to an AHL deal then ease into it, there isnt nearly the publicity of the NHL draft.

    But ultimately this kids future is in his hands and how he handles himself.

    Rights or no rights he was an NHL draft pick. No one can take that away from him.



    * Disclaimer for every post on this subject.

    - The actions of Miller where disgracefull disgusting and evil. I hate them. It angers me physically.

    - I do not know this young man's heart now.

    - I respect Berry's ability to see potential in redemtion and forgiveness for him Nd to mold him to a decent himan being. However the situation is entirely owned by him and UND at this point.


  5. The coyotes blaming this on coevid difficulties with this draft is absolutely over the top pathetic.

    That AND throwing their entire scouting department under the bus.


    Own the situation and make something good out of it.


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  6. Understand this as well, sure the kid may not have his rights owned right now.

    But this makes it easier for him to get to the NHL.

    Play a year maybe two, show redemtion, and have 30+ clubs able to sign with as a free agent.

  7. 2 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

    "Well, we're kind of a polling industry disrupter in that we think that the way the industry is being run is very out of date and not in line with modern times, modern values and kind of modern politics to start with the day and age of, you know, mom and dad sitting around the poler waiting for the phone to ring. And this is a political survey. Oh, well, we have to take some time and answer this. I mean, this is not reality. You know, the phone rings at 6:30 at night. You got. You fixing dinner, you're washing dishes, putting kids to bed. Nobody's got time to stop what they're doing and take a 25, 30, 40 question poll. You're not getting regular people. You're getting people who are on the ideological extreme of being way too liberal, way too conservative, or worse yet, people who are bored. We're about polling average people. I grew up in politics in South Carolina. And Lee Atwater, what he used to say to all of us is, don't worry about what the political insiders say. You want to know what's in Joe Sixpack's head. And that is my goal, is to figure out what's an average people's minds." -- Robert Cahaly, Trafalgar Group

    Never has it been more true...


    They are useless, I have a good friend who is a very respected very LIBERAL proffessor at a major university out east and leads the election night war room of a major (top 2) cable news network, and he has said the current state of polling has redefined the world of political science.

  8. 20 minutes ago, zonadub said:

    Enough already with this stuff. As much as I disagree with Hayduke1, continuing this line of commentary is doing nothing to add to this discussion.

    If he used his real login maybe it would be too much. But it matches the level of respect the account deserves.

    He uses a shell login and handle to keep the complete nonsense up. Can his shell account and hold his antics accountable to his "normal" username.

    Although that would make it difficult to reach the lofty page count goals that have been established.


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  9. 1 hour ago, Hayduke1 said:

    Dear Leader is toast.  Too much ground to make up in key states.  This is a national poll, but it doesn't matter. 

    Dear Leader is toast. 


    You lost the entire world of 80+ IQ when you referenced a cnn poll.

    I cant imagine the level of stupidity (both sides mind you) that it takes to actually accept, stay on the line, and complete a random political phone poll.

    I don't do a survey without being paid and the ones I do pay very very well usually $10 - $30, some higher for about 10 mins of my time, but those are usually industy specific.

    I never respond to a political polling call.



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  10. 57 minutes ago, Hayduke1 said:

    Yup, you sure are.

    Also, you're a sucker.  You'll believe anything that supports Dear Leader. 


    Dang you spazz out when facts get you in a box don't you!


    Maybe time for another mandatory time out, there bud.

    Might be best you prepare your mental state and line that basement with safe soft pillows for next week.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Hayduke1 said:


    Evidence exists for Trump and Stormy and others.. 

    Don't act like there is an equivalency because there isn't.  

    Whats next?  Pizza places with pedophilia?  Yeah, don't pretend you are above that lunacy. 



    Stormy Daniel was/is a whore who's job was selling sex for money.

    Kamala Harris was/is a whore who sold sex for a job thats pays her money.

    It's literally apples to apples. Both were affairs outside of marriages.

    Morally and monetarily equivalent.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Nodak78 said:

    What is going on in Wisconsin.



    Wisconsin is going to be very difficult for Trump to repeat. For one reason, Scott Walker.

    For so long Walker held on to reigns againsy the insanity of Madison libs but now that he is gome and the libs control the ballot counting, (i.e.harvesting, cultivating)...... theres just no lengths they wont go to deliver Wisco back blue.

  13. 2 minutes ago, UNDlaw80 said:


    Wait a second here.   So she's claiming Miller was still taunting the kid 2 years ago?  That's 2 years after his conviction.    If that's the case, drop him.  Miller needs to go.    That said, it's odd that such actions wouldn't be in violation of any probation or no-contact orders that would've undoubtedly been issued.       My, my, such drama.???

    And that drama begs the question of authenticity as well to an extent. 

    Good lord, it's a mess. Really unhappy to have the program involved in it, but Im sticking to my conclusion.

    *I'm hurt and angered to read these details. I feel for this bullied kid.

    *I dont know this Miller kids' heart today.

    *I trust Berry, coaches, athletic dept, school, has more info and knowledge about him, his heart, and his potential as a human.

    *I expect the all of those parties to present a better messege than what has come out so far.


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  14. 8 hours ago, Langster019 said:

    Does anybody hold much value in practice jerseys? I've seen a signed Kawaguchi go pretty much ignored, and I have one that I'd move but just don't think there is much demand for them. Just curious. 

    I'm with you @BrandonH61, I've got the itch for jersey talk/deals. Even if it's just looking. @Big A HG have you found the boxed up black 52?

    Its tough on practice jerseys to find much value. I have what could only have been Grimaldi's Sioux, red non contact, but really theres no way to tie it back to him with a LOA or anything. I think the siouxshop sold them for $50...

    And I've picked up about 3 or 4 more, post "Sioux" for $10 each.

    They're great cheap shinny jerseys, thats about it.

  15. 55 minutes ago, AlphaMikeFoxtrot said:

    The parents coming out of the shadows and owning up to their role in this is probably the best possible resolution in the short term.

    Speaking of parents, the victim's dad apparently has some skeletons in his closet too, and doesn't have the defense of his frontal lobe not being fully developed at the time.

    Yeah, im not going to move anything away from the kids actions because the bullied kids dad's past.


    Nothing the dad did makes being forced to lick a urinal sucker ok.

  16. 7 minutes ago, UNDlaw80 said:

    Miller’s parents should shoulder more responsibility for this mess, both for the bullying and the public relations.  A 14 year old understands right and wrong, but can’t always comprehend the true depth and ramifications of his/her actions.  That’s why bullying is most prevalent and severe at this age; and why parents/schools need to step in when fun goes beyond the typical chirping of 14 year olds.        

    Bullies, even severe ones, aren’t innately bad kids. They act out for a variety of reasons.  
    So this begs the question.  Where were his parents when he was beating up a handicapped kid for years?  You can’t tell me there were no warning signs.  Why didn’t his parents demand he personally apologize?  This would be the 1st thing any responsible parent would demand.  Then again, any 18 year old with a conscious would do it on his own.     

    Kids are products of their environment.  People often change as they mature and are exposed to different ways of life beyond the worldview of their youth.  Going to UND, with the responsibilities and lessons that go with it, could be immensely beneficial for Miller.    
    I trust that Berry has done his due diligence.  I’m willing to give him a second chance; albeit one on an exceedingly short leash.  That said, he and the unviersity thoroughly botched it on the public relations front.  

    Agreed 100%

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