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  1. To make matters worse for western ND, it was just recently a few of the county papers like the Dunn county Herald folded.


    I know papers are a relic but as for local applicable news and information on the farms and ranches of western North Dakota, these changes are very difficult to overcome.

    I thibknthis graphic really highlights the evergrowing gaping hole of local coverage.




  2. On 1/8/2020 at 1:56 PM, Brasco said:

    FYI Fan apparel store in Fargo Mall selling Authentic Adidas North Dakota jerseys on sale for $79.99. They have white and black available. Sizes ranged from 50-54

    Safe bet they are the authentic retail Indonesian made jerseys, legit retail liscenced and legit version, just not the Canadian made on ice version.

    siouxshop has the indo-retail version for 130ish so 80 is a decent value......


    except for the ugly bird n the shoulder. 

  3. My coffee induced crackpot conspiracy theory, it may be more far fetched than a volley of teams future D1FBS plans but here goes:

    It took a LOOOONG time to finalize the nashville thing right...

    Maybe the winter classic situation was up in the air too and UND/REA UMtc NHL MNTwins President ..... where all trying to find a way to make it all work out. 

    Its a big ask for any fan base and season ticket holders to have 2 destination games in the same seaaon 

    ---- plus the frozen four trip, of course-----

    maybe there was a possibilty to push Nashville a year, do the Winter classic, rework the UMtc series and make it all work ot to not shortchange the season ticket holders, add another big exposure event and do it all.

    Whos knows probably not at all the case.... 

    It would be awesome to be a part of the winter classic events but the timing and other games and factors sure seem to be against it at this point.

  4. 18 hours ago, Siouxperior said:

    Was at my daughters graduation on Friday (way to go Kiddo!!) and a little further down the list of graduating students was Rhett Gardner. He wasn't at the ceremony but congrats to him too!

    Love that these guys keep plugging away at the online classes UND offers.


  5. 1 hour ago, Oxbow6 said:

    He looked ok. Played 11 minutes and was a -1.

    Unfortunately he got beat gliding and reaching on the first Vegas goal.... but his whole line looked like an unhinged unit playing together basically for the first time.... 

    ...because they were playing together for the first time.

  6. I like Seattle... exposure there is beneficial. Not really a natural opponent..

    DC would be cool as well.

    Phoenix is an obvious I'd say...

    When do we get another international game? Friendship 4 would be cool but not so much for recruit exposure.

    Oslo?... Norway, not MN.......Stockholm?

    What about Montreal, Toronto.. or Qubec City?


  7. 3 hours ago, Redneksioux said:

    US news and world report obviously didn’t come eat at altru.

    ...or ever been admitted to altru, or been seen at altru, or worked for altru, or visited altru, or been chronically misdiagnosed by altru, or had a relative go in for a routine procedure and never come out of altru 

    I'd rather be taken to the doctor from "Million ways to die in the west" than altru.

    Better chance with an ear nail and bluejay pecking out the wound .....IMO.

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  8. 7 hours ago, Blackheart said:

    Hello, New York Giants? Tall Clubs International on line 2 for you.;)

    Literally thought the exact same thing while watching that the other night....


    But for real... "Midget"... good lord there is a line and in my book Midget is the same area as "Red skins" ... its just a matter of when and how they are replaced, not "if".

  9. 5 hours ago, Blackheart said:

    So we're doing this in the jersey thread now?  Cue the pitchforks and torches...


    Yeah... one comment and the triggered Hawkzis show up in force .. furiously flocking to the keyboards and usernames to defend their superior opinion and tell everyone else how wrong they are.

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  10. The fanatic types of fans that travel like crazy is not the crowd to take kindly to a new "Hawks" jersey.... 

    There may be a time for that, Nashville isnt it. Will push acceptence back considerably. Bot a argyment or debate on the name/logo or issues well discussed in the other forumns. Just the truth, doesnt matter what side of it your opinion lies on, its just not the avenue to advance any campaign. 

    #1Rule: Know your audience.


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  11. 11 minutes ago, geaux_sioux said:

    Memorial isn’t doing so hot structurally. If you get the chance go and look at the brick walls and how much they bow out. 

    This season I actually did that a bit, got to see some things I hadn't for a decade or so, its all pretty rough and sketchy.

    Its not good. I say use that info to create a sense of urgency, take the pain now and get beyond it.

    The status quo is pointless to continue to support.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, SJHovey said:

    I like to listen in to various hockey podcasts just to hear what people around the country are saying about college hockey.  I happened to catch Motzko's interview with Wally Shaver following the UND series.

    I like Motzko, and I think he'll do well for Minnesota, but he gave me a chuckle.  After Wally said something about Minnesota coming off a tough weekend against North Dakota, Motzko said that he always goes home and watches recordings of the game.  He said he went home after the Thursday game expecting to see that his team was dominated.

    "I didn't see that.  Not at all.  We were right there.  2-1 game.  Pretty even in shots.  Anyone's game.  We get called for another penalty late in the period.  We do a great job killing it off and then basically at the end of the penalty a shot goes in and it's 3-1.  We give one up to start the 2nd and it's 4-1.  It wasn't anything that North Dakota did to us.  We did it to ourselves.  We fumble the puck, there isn't anyone within 20 feet, but it gets turned over and then a goal.  But it had nothing to do with them pressuring us."

    Then Wally makes some inane comment.

    I don't know.  Sometimes I think you just gotta call a turd sandwich a turd sandwich and move on.  But is description didn't match up to closely with my recollection of that game.


    If Motzkoball couldn't see and admit the Thursday game was butt-thumping from the drop of the puck to the final horn......

    UMtc is in for a longer more painful era of mediocre.... hell even his assistants were almost puking in disgusted rage during the intermissions.... "right there" good lord those players where in a different time zone of talent and skill.

    I'd sayit was sheet will, lucky bounces, and B1G stripes that kept it close and respectable Sat night.... but to think thebprogram is "right there" with UND is foolish....

    Statements like that don't encourage fans and donorbase, it just creates more doubt about his abilities.


  13. 10 minutes ago, SJHovey said:

    Let's assume he doesn't win his appeal.  What are Blake's likely options for this season?

    Keep practicing with some of the best high school players around and be in great shape and rested come Jan 28?

    Thats what I'd do, that will come fast kinda like a minorish injury setback and recovery time frame really. It is the bulk of the game schedule 17 games from now to then, but then back for 7 and the tournements. 

    These kids play plenty of games spring summer and fall, sucks to miss them but who knows, may even change on appeal.

    Thats assuming he is able to participate in practices I guess.

    Especially withbhighly talented teammates, development happens in practice.

  14. Double edged sword on making people aware of the current conditions of locker rooms and such, play that angle up too much and becomes very visual for potential recruits before they can get them on campus and definitely more used by competing programs.....

    But most people arent aware of what exactly the current conditions are that necessitate Phase II.....

    by putting that out there more does that create the urgency to give......

    at this point the short term pain may outweigh the potential negatives. 

    I know finding more about exactly the current state has made me more willing to support.

  15. 19 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

    The relationship with Altru has really killed our athletic facilities. Sanford would have dumped multiple large donations already.

    Imagine that Altru kills something else....

    Did the facility go in for a headache, or a routine procedure of sometype?


  16. 38 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

    The takeaway from that may be the massive budget cuts that he dealt with...  

    I'd like to hope we are beyond that in ND ..... but i know that is not going to be the case in the next decade.

    Hopefully he can use his experiences to better handle those situations as they arise.

    And really after the last few presidents its not going to be tough to lool good in comparison, and ..... the further removed we are from the last well liked president, the better to not be living in the shadow.


  17. Well to me no huge red flags are present or reasons to be outraged by the selection in any way, so here's to giving the guy a shot and hoping he has a good long and successful tenure.

    Lots of difficult issues ahead in higher education but i think now is a great time to be coming into the position.

    Welcome and good luck!

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  18. I've already noticed a plethora of changes in Cabelas that has drastically reduced my shopping through them. 

    Everything seems cheaper in quality.

    Unfortunately everytime I goninto the East Grand store it just "feels" like its in a death spiral.  

    Does it still fall under some type of tax benefits from the city? I'd imagine that would have expired long ago.

  19. If I wa making "millions" by shilling unlicensed counterfeit jerseys.... pretty much the last thing I'd want is an article in Forbes.

    Bookmark this, I guarantee the licensing companies will try to make an example out of him, they have to now.

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