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  1. No, but enlighten me, witch hunter.
  2. Think he’ll be anything conference this season? Regression happens. Needs to do better. Accept it. Still time fortunately. last comment I make on UND’s QB situation at this time: I am NOT anti-Schuster. I want him to do well so und succeeds. He does some things well, like limit turnovers and put the ball in the right place at the right time. With unds offensive ineptitude at times, however, I just have identified things he could do better, that’s all. Here’s to hoping he has a great game versus Missouri State and UND pulls the much needed upset.
  3. If, but, … too many hypotheticals for me to take this seriously und is what they are, 3-4. a sneak here and a missed field goal there didn’t lose und those games. Football games are 60 minutes of several plays, and the culmination of everything leads up to wins and losses. The sneak and missed field goals are just plays easily remembered by the masses. Make a few more plays in the fourth quarter or in the redzone and then fourth down and 1 on the 20 or a last second field goal attempt never even need to happen. again , und is what their record says they are. Get over it and accept it. Now, look ahead: there are opportunities to improve and get better.
  4. UND lost the game vs SIU. No moral victories. UND played well at home vs a poor WIU team yesterday. I hope the system improves and UND can upset Missouri State in Springfield on Saturday, or else playoff chances will be significantly hurt.
  5. Right? I’d like our entire crowd harassing the opposing team as a better alternative. None of this weak minded only get up on 3rd down bull$%!#. Need to win games and a build a better atmosphere overall first, not be preoccupied regarding student section location. Location of the student section is currently correct at the 20/30 yard line.
  6. The location of the student section is irrelevant in regards to attendance. Attendance has always been horseshit once late October/November arises at UND. You know, hockey season starts… Having a team that consistently wins would change that to a degree …
  7. And this isn’t ridiculous posting material on the board? Some on here have lost their mind … also, that team is 7-0, not 3-4. Why you would bring this up as a possible point is beyond me.
  8. Your explanation is the “wildcat”? If you think what UND does is commonplace successful offense, you are mistaken. And it hasn’t been successful for UND. Total points scored, turnovers, procedural penalties, and awful red zone efficiency has plagued this offense in 2021 Some recognize that and have concerns with how the QB position factors into all that. As for ridiculous hyperbole in regards to posting history on this board, that would be you somehow implying the staff doesn’t see limitations with Schuster, but whatever gets your point across I guess. Bottom line, teams don’t run “wildcat” as much as UND does if they know their QB is very good. Why? Because everyone knows you don’t take a good QB off the field. Still obvious that, deep down, UND knows their current QB situation is not great but playing the split of Schuster and “wildcat” Vaughn is the best chance UND has to win right now. Obvious Schuster has several limitations.
  9. Agree, Wouldn’t blame UND defense at all. In NDSU game, defense did tire a bit but that is expected with no offensive help. Und defense was the only reason that game stayed close.
  10. I agree. The UND defense in the Alerus Center is damn near championship quality, if not already. very impressed Just need defense to travel a bit better. The offense and special teams is not at championship caliber yet, though. Hopefully a few more players will get them there soon.
  11. The assessment of him is what it is, regardless of how the entire team does around him. UND’s TEAM is better than WIU’s TEAM, as expected. The player assessment/grade/evaluation, whatever you want to call it, is independent of team result. A “vendetta” only exists in the minds of those who blindly support Bubba and his program.
  12. It “works” for UND because it is their identity, it’s what they do via Freund. Now, is it the best way to develop the QB position and bolster the offense? I don’t think so - it’s absent around the country for a reason. I think it hurts leadership and development at QB position, but Freund is the QB coach, so I guess he knows best … I still stand by the old adage: if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback. Obviously, if you have a good QB, you play him the entire time. Indirect proof neither Schuster or Vaughn is good enough to get the job done.
  13. Yes. WIU Leathernecks are still very bad. Missouri State not nearly as bad. My point remains.
  14. This win was expected. UND at home with much better players than Western Illinois. The real test is next week at Missouri State. Want to make playoffs? Go down there and get the win. Bears will be pissed after UND embarrassed them last year in playoffs.
  15. Can we talk about how horseshit the red zone offense is? That last drive debacle plus the other two goal to go drives that went no where … not good.
  16. Chains can still be brought out for measurement. Someone made comment that “modern football” doesn’t measure anymore.
  17. Still in the NCAA rule book. UND got screwed by the refs there first of, but also Freund/Bubba/offensive line deserve what happened given they went with 3rd down run/no timeouts and could not get it.
  18. Agreed, definitely a risky play call, as we saw given how it played out
  19. Clock can be stopped for measurement, which technically UND deserved on 4th down given how close it was. Even so, the run play call on 3rd down is high risk call. Also, calling timeout before punt rather than keeping timeout and having 1:00 to go downfield plus time out in pocket is the strategy that came back to bite them.
  20. Bubba/Freund combo, if being realistic given Freund is play caller and Bubba obviously voicing his game management strategy to Freund ..
  21. Otis Weah still good. Tommy Schuster still mediocre. 2-QB system is still bull$%!#. Bubba and game management ability still embarrassing. After all that, UND still winning because Western Illinois is just that bad …
  22. Agree. Freund has lost his touch, in my opinion. This 2-QB system Is garbage.
  23. Yeah, failed QB sneak on your own 20 yard line while BEATING your arch rival will do that to you. okay, I’m just piling on at this point, but no doubt Bubba’s teams need to do better for the masses to get behind him. Remember, the people on this board don’t count, we aren’t the “average” fan.
  24. Yeah he’s a hockey guy. UND does that to people. If he had it his way, would probably fold football and focus on just hockey and basketball, like what UN-Omaha did a decade ago. Okay, an over-exaggeration, but gets my point across.
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