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  1. hlzy23

    2017-18 Season

    Look at the teams below us. There coaches must suck too.
  2. hlzy23

    2017-18 Season

    https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-basketball/stat/free-throw-pct. We were in the the top 1/3 percentage of free throws for the year so yeah we sucked. Must be Jones fault.
  3. hlzy23

    2017-18 Season

    If Drick can consistently play like he did against Arizona we will be a dangerous team next year. He was taking the ball to the hoop aggressively instead of taking that twelve foot shot that he rarely makes. Seales was becoming an offensive threat the second half of the season. If Shanks can stop taking all of those fouls away from the ball and improve offensively just a little I really like our chances of repeating next year. I haven't been this excited for UND basketball since the early 90's!!!!
  4. hlzy23

    2016 Volleyball season

    Read that it will closer to 7:30 before they start.
  5. hlzy23

    former players

    Cagguila should be playing for Edmonton on channel 629 at 8:00 tonight.
  6. hlzy23

    Former Players

    I'm willing to bet Kleinsasser's and Kuper's contracts were way more than all seven bison players combined. $$$$$$. That should tell you the quality of players.
  7. hlzy23


    Announced attendance at Target Center is 10,860
  8. hlzy23

    Spring Football 2016

    Does anyone know what time they practice tomorrow. Was thinking of going.
  9. Tickets are no longer available.
  10. I have 2 tickets in section 303 row A for Friday's game against Denver. Asking $80 for the pair. If interested text me at 218-791-5970
  11. On that first goal for Cags even if it was a high stick it hit the goalie before he touched the puck again so it shouldn't matter. Once the puck is touched by the other team the high sticking would no longer be in question would it?
  12. hlzy23

    Hockey Assistant Job Posted

  13. I don't usually post,more of a spectator but I have to say this bozo gf hockey has to be the bigbest loser in gf. I've been coming to this sight for years and have never seen such a d bag. If he is so important, why doesn't he have anything better than to come on this website and try to convince everybody how great and influential he and his so called buddy's are. So how much do you make big shot.
  14. hlzy23

    2 tickets for tonight

    Tickets are sold