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  1. how much would it cost us to get the sd mines game off the schedule anyways?

    New Jerseys

    don't follow und baseball that much but it looks like the baseball teams helmets are in a matte finish this year? maybe a preview of the new football helmets?
  3. After watching some of this exciting "NCC 2.0 at the Falls" you can now officially substitute NDAC instead of SUU from the above quote after tonights semifinals.

    New Jerseys

    i think that geuxsioux guy knows something about new jerseys next year? he's posted a few pics on here that look really nice and sharp.
  5. und had a 25 point lead at half and to start the second half huff decided to take the ball and play his own game for the first three minutes and jones had enough so he had schuler ready to check in and huff ran by jones on offense yelling :"why am i getting janked" and jones yelled back "because your putting up bad shots" all the while huff's teammates are playing four on five behind him (the play ended with a und turnover)...the next dead ball schuler came in and jones told his assistants to sit him "at the end of the bench"...huff didn't play the last 17 minutes
  6. great game despite the ugly jones/huff yelling match while a basketball game is happening behind them...wondering if huff gets suspended over this latest "im bigger than this team" mentality that doesn't seem to change? webb was the man tonite...running stats in my head during the game i was thinking he was flirting with a triple double...hopefully he gets one yet this year. bad crowd again...maybe five students
  7. Both FBS and FCS have their good and bad...I would much rather have UND in the FCS as it sits right now but if a bunch of good FCS schools like Montana, MSU, Appy State, Delaware, Georgia State, Villanova to name a few move up FCS is not where UND would want to be. Also the FCS playoffs already exlclude all the Ivy League schools and all the SWAC schools (not saying much but still excludes a whole conference) and gives an auto bid to a conference that doesn't allow the max schollies if i heard right (Robert Morris' conference?) A sixteen team FBS playoff with auto bids and a few at large bids would be awesome. The newly merged ConfUSA/MWC and soon to be merger SunBelt/MAC conference would get one auto bid given to the conference champs and other leagues like the Big East, ACC, and PAC 12 would get one auto bid and maybe 1 at large bid. The BIG10, BIG12, and the SEC would get one auto bids from their conference champs and maybe 2 more at large bids? That obviously wouldn't be the top 16 teams in the country but the Big Dance doesn't include the top 64 teams in the country either. 1. Alabama v 16. Northern Illinois (auto bid MAC/SunBelt) 2. LSU v 15. Southern Mississippi (auto bid ConfUSA/MWC) 3. Virginia Tech v 14. Baylor 4. Oklahoma State v 13. West Virginia 5. Oregon v 12. Arkansas 6. Georgia v 11. Clemson 7. Kansas State v 10. Wisconsin 8. Michigan State v 9. Stanford Something like this would be damn fun to follow and with all the reshuffling going on in FBS it would be fun to think UND could be up there instead of Northern Illinois? "but Northern Illinois/ North Dakota could never beat Alabama?" Holy Cross anyone?
  8. since UND is paying so much of this (when they don't have to) hopefully they have final say on how the design of the field looks like...i thinks its geuixsioux that put up what it should look like and hopefully it looks a lot like what he came up with. the current field is as ugly as anything in any level of football...
  9. Very well put Ira. The best word is "prepared".
  10. The new Conf USA/MWC conference is on record as saying they want upwards of 30 schools for their new conference. For them to get to that number many FCS schools will be asked to join their conference and you would think that Montan/Montana State would be one of the first (sounds like Appy State has been called already) schools to be contacted about joining. The Big Sky Conference WITHOUT Montana and or Montana State is not a conference that UND would want to be in. Hopefully where UM/MSU goes we go and maybe if they are lucky we can bring along the little boys to the south with us. Where is Star2City when you need him.
  11. my bad...i thought dave and ragnar were in the "und and me" commercial where the twins mascot sees him in his und shirt (and hanging around ragnar) and throws papers in the air? just rewatched it and its just dave and tc bear and two other dudes...no ragnar? anyways i'm sure zigi could lend Ragnar to us on a saturday by leading us onto the field at the Alerus on his harley against Montana?
  12. The mjolnir would be a great SECONDARY logo!!! Just like the old double crossed tomahawks on the shoulders of the old sioux hockey jerseys. Replace the side profile of the indian head with the side profile of a viking (done by ben brien of course) (put the double crossed mjolnir on the shoulders) and replace the sioux name with the Norse name and all jerseys would stay the same. All the other norse mythology would be great marketing opportunities. Heck Dave St.Peter could ever bring Ragnar up for a game or two and we could even have a mascot for the first time since Thunder the Bleacher Creature (who was very popular for those two weeks he was around).
  13. loose to houston baptist and texas pan am but maybe beat La Tech? hope they hold on
  14. With the Conf USA/MWC merger they say they want anywhere from 18-30 schools to join the new conference...just a thought. Obviously leaving out some schools from being included and assuming some schools go to the sun belt or other conference but this would be a sweet model considering the new conference would do semi's and a conference champ....semi's north v south and east v west with the winner having a pretty nice championsip game. North Division UND NDSU Montana MSU Idaho Utah State SJSU West Division Wyoming CSU UNLV Fresno Nevada-Reno New Mexico Hawaii East Division Marshall Appalachian State East Carolina Delaware Georgia Southern James Madison Liberty South Division Tulane UAB Tulsa Rice UTEP Southern Mississippi Georgia State
  15. don't know if this has been mentiond before or if its even a possiblity but of all the play here first or play every other year or every year how about one game at TCF Bank Stadium/Metrodome (neutral sites) with the winner getting the first home game and let the marbles start rolling about every year or every other year? just a thought?
  16. any word from idaho, nmsu, sjsu, and utah state about what their future plans are now with c-usa/mwc merger? 16 teams announced but they say they want anywhere from 18 to 24 schools in the new conference so they need a few more...not naming them now could be a bargaining chip to get them (idaho, nmsu, sjsu, & usu) to promise more funds to stay competitive in the new conference (like SCSU with the NCHC)... is this merger the death of the wac for football? hopefully the bsc benefits somehow with idaho the most likey to join?
  17. "Lowering attendance, poor game atmosphere, and a medocre team?" Sounds like the NDAC in 2009? "Get your house in order?" Best Buy still in business in Fargo? "Win the BSC?" Hopefully next year...
  18. 11/27/10 playoff game (first playoff game over 20 if in not mistaken) NDAC versus Robert Morris had 12,202 people show up....not a sellout. One hour up the road UND non-conference game had 11,742 versus Notre Dame in hockey....more than a sellout.
  19. When i was at the NJIT mens game I was thinking of ways they could get more seating in the Betty. Just wondering if the current "storgage area" at the Betty would accomodate larger risers in the endzones of teh Betty (kind of like the people that designed the storage at the Alerus for the old turf)? Also how high can you go before you have to worry about safety with those taller risers? Sidenote: are they gonna totally redo the court for next year or just sand down the sioux name?
  20. For Cal-Poly, Southern Utah, Cal-Davis and UND those "high intensity conference" games of the Great West (i'm sure you remember those great games in the fargodome too) are over and a new era is starting on those campuses this fall and its called the Big Sky Conference era. Enjoy the "high intensity" of the Gateway and the NCC 2.1. now back to recruiting talk...think coach luke earned his money this year?
  21. its tough to explain the home/away record considering that most games in gf are pretty quiet with almost no student section that playing on the road would be not much of a factor? the njit crowd was slightly better than some games (i was there) and teh chicago game (didnt get to) looked even better? hopefully antwi keeps getting some more mins and knock down some shots to go with his good d...yes the big to take a dribble away from their opponent and do a skip pass to the open shooter for the open three.
  22. no one made mr brooks play d1 hockey...much less make mr commodore angry? fighting is a necessity in hockey and if you don't like it watch soccer.
  23. pretty sure it was him...he tried to make a slow getaway but gotta love the gfpd they had to get three cops for this one
  24. great game from webb and huff...decent crowd also but not much increase in the students tho....sidenote-did anyone else notice a certain ex-player quietly arrested before the start of the game? sad sad
  25. anyone know if the bball court is still their old one with the beautiful bbrien logo at midcourt or has that been pc'd to death too?
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