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  1. I have 1 ticket to Saturday's hockey game vs Manitoba. Sect 107 Row Q Seat 8. $75 OBO. Can deliver to Fargo, or the REA on Saturday.
  2. Didn't the vote last week show that over 50% voted for Fighting Hawks? I'm no math major but I think that's a majority. How vast can be debated.
  3. You can pay tribute to Fighting Sioux without dwelling on it.
  4. I'm excited! While the nickname is not my first or second choice, it is infinity better than Roughriders. I get it's not unique, but who cares? All the cool unique names are taken anyway. Keeping "fighting" in it obviously is an homage to Fighting Sioux. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for a logo. Now we can look forward to the future, instead of dwelling on the past. Hopefully. I bet the nickname recall petition will start any moment now.
  5. Been off these forums for a long time, so this has already been covered I'm sure. However, I don't like Fighting Hawks as a name, if it's a bird, but who ever said it was a bird? Couldn't it be a plane or a helicopter? That would make it much more palatable in my opinion Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk? I know the RAF had a fighter nicknamed the Hawk, couldn't use that obviously, but I don't know much about the US military aviation history.
  6. Hey all, Looking to buy 3 tickets to Saturday's Bemidji game, either upper or lower bowl. Thanks!
  7. I got this idea from an NHL forum I'm on. I thought it would be fun to start this here. Basically what we have is a King of the Hill style traveling title belt. Beat the king, become the king. Union starts with the belt as they are the reigning national champions. If there is enough interest I'll keep this up, if not, I won't. http://i.imgur.com/1DgH6nj.png Round 1: American International (0-0-0) @ Union (0-0-0) This is an example of the NHL one I'm doing to give an idea of what the graphic will look like as it progresses. Same rules. http://i.imgur.com/lULvgcu.png
  8. xI Hammer Ix


    Not sure where you guys work, or what came up when you clicked it, but pulling up a site with girls in bikinis isn't tolerated here. When browsing a Men's HOCKEY forum, you'd expect, you know, hockey. I'd guess looking at sites like that isn't allowed at most work places.
  9. xI Hammer Ix


    Hey, a Not Safe For Work tag might have been appropriate here. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
  10. Welcome to the Internet where women are men, and opinions are facts. In other news, water is wet.
  11. Thought I'd share my jerseys with you all. They're a mix of Gamers, Game Issued, Authentics, Replicas, and Reproductions. http://i.imgur.com/O3R9ofu.jpg Any other collectors willing to post a family photo?
  12. Looks like the Wednesday auction items have shipped. It would be nice if any one who got a jersey would post some pictures!
  13. You can have anything insured with a rider added to your policy. The biggest issue you'll run into is getting an appraisal, I don't know of anyone in this area who would under stand the, assuming college, hockey jersey collectors market.
  14. Sent two PMs to you by accident UND85, I haven't been on since they updated the forum so I got confused. Check your inbox please!
  15. Anyone else see the SNL skit about him. Laughed my pants off.
  16. I wasn't able to catch the game or the chat Saturday night. I'll stand by my word. I avoid the chat, and these forums for the most part, too many haters who don't know how to take a loss.
  17. Lock him up. It'd be a terrible decision by this program to let him get away. Hak is our guy! He delivers every year and he will win us a Natty, no questions in my book.
  18. I see no reason to not start either goalie. Eids on Friday, Dell on Saturday.
  19. How can Kelly control what the REA puts on the screens? The REA isn't owned by the University.
  20. Let's hope for a good week of practice. I'm not feeling to confident about this series. The team has potential, it just needs to come together, but that will take time. I'd be more than happy with a split.
  21. A strong La Nina year does not prove or disprove global warming. Anyway you slice it, is cutting back on carbon emissions and going to renewable energy a bad thing? Edit: Relevant
  22. EXTREMELY unlikely. Z Par was just named captain of the Devils.
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