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  1. you mean 4 more games
  2. so with the Sioux game moved up to 7:30CDT will it still be on ESPN3
  3. has the TV schedule been released for the NCHC "pod" yet? is MIDCO picking it up or CBSsports?
  4. Rate calendar from Allegiant out of Fargo for Oct .... weird how some days are more then others this is just one way flying there
  5. PRICE DROP: last call going in multiple forums after today... 2 tickets section 117 row C $275 each OBO
  6. Do to unforeseen circumstances I have (2) 2018 hall of fame game tickets available. Section 117 row C $300/each tickets can be picked up in Fargo
  7. First time at Denny Sanford Premier arena … arena it’s self was nice and modern, the concourse on the other hand was a cluster f%&k…I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if UND had made it, there were lines for everything and lots of the concessions were not open on Friday. My thanks to the couple sitting in row B section 118 for letting us use their extra tickets so we could leave between games and enjoy some beverages at the Sheraton watering hole….also big thanks to Fernson Brewery for having a $5 beverage table at the Sheraton, and for staying open as late as possible. It was a good weekend of hockey and AirForce quickly became the UND fan fav … the cheering after their first SOG of the game in the second period and the USA chant after they scored were priceless edit: I believe announced attendance Friday was around 7900 and Sat. a little over 8000
  8. internet options for the game this afternoon?
  9. So with UND most likely being a bubble team and their fate resting on a decision by NCAA tourney committee … does the need for fans, and fan base potential with location of Sioux Falls and possible St. Paul trump their hatred for UND
  10. If we win tonight we win Sat. ...
  11. Well, this is it…back’s against the wall. We will see what this team is made of from here on out. If they want to make any post season impact this is where it begins … playing the best team in the country for a chance to continue the season…if the boys can’t show up for this series, well they don’t deserve to make it any further … the only back up plan is winning NCHC tournament and if we can’t show up against St. Clown then we most definitely won’t show up there
  12. Our D is OK, our goaltending is OK … and both should get better…however without a line that can consistently put goals in the net the next couple weeks will be tough … Western and Clown are not Union…I think the inconsistency with the lines is showing lots of missed passes and centering attempts, seems like the overall chemistry is a bit off … don’t get me wrong we have a solid team when we play 60 mins … these next two weeks there will be a lot of growing up taking place and could really lay the foundation for a great season
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