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  1. Every Sioux Player Needs 2 rings (Sign shown on ESPN2 during 2000 NCAA semi-finals against Maine) AND ... they got the rings!
  2. I'm not sure what Wisconsin was thinking when they made that schedule. They could easily be in the dumpster before they even know what hit them! Regarding a new rule about requiring above .500 records, my take is that if you are going to use the PWR, you should use the PWR. Wisconsin showed last year that they deserved to be in the tournament. Switching back to the Sioux schedule -- along with the Icebreaker which we'll be at for sure next season, we were thinking of going to another Sioux road series instead of making the annual pilgrimage back to the Ralph. Any suggestions on which WCHA road series we'd have the best chance to get tickets? We've always made the trip before Christmas, but this year we were thinking we may want to wait until later ... after the team's warmed up. There's also the GLI, which is after Christmas, too -- so that's a distinct possibility. Is it easy getting St. Cloud tickets (at St. Cloud)?
  3. No matter what, and despite knowing it was going to happen, I still wasn't ready to see it officially in print. At least T.J. let us get used to the idea before he left (remember when Zach Parise left so abruptly?). I'm glad we get to watch T.J. with the Blues. It makes it a little more bearable. BUT, it still stinks. T.J. looks really happy signing on the dotted line, though. I guess that's what counts. Good luck, T.J. Give them all a run for their money!!
  4. I wouldn't recommend Cambridge as a convenient location. Stay in downtown Boston.
  5. Sioux/bufan and I made it to Denver this morning and watched the team skate - so we've had lots of Sioux player and fan sightings... It's been great so far, and the weather has been very pleasant. No snow or rain yet. We had all sorts of BC fans on the plane, so it's nice to be around fellow Sioux fans, finally!
  6. Is anyone else having this issue? I haven't downloaded anything yet so am a bit concerned about doing it now (but also want don't want to have to go out to watch the game). Thanks.
  7. Bob Norton is right that we can't look past Princeton. Hak better bang that in the players' heads. I don't want a nailbiter the first game... Come out flying, Boys! Go Sioux! Beat the Tigers!
  8. Please send me a private message through the Board. Thanks!
  9. Tickets for BC vs. North Dakota went on sale today. You can purchase them on BC's web site.
  10. If someone learns when the BC game tickets will be sold at UND, please post that here. I, too, heard through another BC fan that you're better off buying through UND. I have a group of 4 and know I'll need some heads-up. Many thanks!
  11. The outside Cheers bar at Quincy Market is a replica of the bar from the show (at least one of the many rooms is the replica), but was built after the show had stopped running. The original "Cheers" bar, the Bull and Finch, on Beacon Street was the inspiration for the show -- and as others have said, the inside looks nothing like the bar from the show. It'll be great to hopefully meet up with many of you traveling Sioux fans next October!
  12. I literally got the chills reading the Oshie, Duncan and Chorney articles!!! Thank you, guys!!! I can't wait to see you all again!!!! Wow! Let's Go Sioux!!!!!!!
  13. Tickets are available to the general public (I guess the Hockey Humanitarian Award is presented at 6:35 after the 6:00 presentation of the Hobey Baker Award, and then the Skills Challenge starts at 7:30 -- the awards must be presented on the ice, too, given that you get one ticket to all events). Here's what the Hobey site says about tickets ($10 for the night) - buy at Ticketmaster or in person at the Scottrade Center. http://www.hobeybaker.com/events/announcement/
  14. Yes, the Hobey is announced and then there's the skills competition (w/none other than John Curry participating... at least he was voted in as a participant).
  15. Anyone staying at the Hyatt across the street from Union Station? That's where my group will be...
  16. I'm exhausted (even though I could only peek at the TV every now and then during OT -- couldn't bear it) -- BUT now I don't think I'll sleep a wink tonight.... I'M JUST SO HAPPY!
  17. TH didn't say what airport - just said it was a charter flight... I hope some of you can make it out to the airport, though.... Cheer on the boys!!
  18. 5 of us!!! Go Sioux!!! Beat BC!!!!!
  19. Way to go, SIOUX!!!! Bring on BC!!!! See you all in St. Louis!!!!! TH said the team is flying back to G.F. tonight. Had planned to be there by 11:00, but that will be pushed out because of the OT. I wish I could be there to greet them and keep this party going!!!
  20. I'm very, very happy --- but also a wreck!!! Oh my!!! This being a fan thing is exhausting!! Go SIOUX, BEAT THOSE GOHPHERS!!!
  21. Webcast says "Please stand by for NCAA Hockey -- North Dakota vs. Michigan, Coverage begins at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET." The butterflies are flyin'... Go Sioux!
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