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  1. I think the Northeastern draw in the first round is the toughest draw of the tournament. 2 losses since December 1st after starting 2-12-1. I honestly think they may be the best current team in the Tournament, and we are going to draw them in game one. Sioux hve a great team, if they can get by Northeastern I like our chances.
  2. Anyone know if the game on Saturday will be televised? Hopefully it's not on ESPNU since no one gets that channel..
  3. Best Save all Year?? Kangas slid across the net, and he shot the puck right into his pads.. I'm not saying it wasn't a good play by Kangas, but it wasn't the best of the year by any means..
  4. Or if Roseau wins, it will be an all black, green and white final...Go Rams...Let's keep the titles up North where the belong.. Sned the city boys home crying.
  5. I think we should have the bear run around with a tomohawk..Call him Chief Fighting Bear
  6. I watched the game last night via dataflix.. Not too bad.. There were a couple of times where it was delayed, but all in all it was pretty good. Hennessy was the play by play
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