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  1. Anyone know of anything yet? Nothing is up on the Alumni site, and I haven't seen anything anywhere else. Waiting for game day maybe? Don't want to get ahead of myself, but would love to know where to go for a game. I'll probably check into Senser's...will call them after game tomorrow.
  2. That too is a good idea. I'm sure there would be a lot of people wanting a game jersey. They'd be able to get a lot of money raised for breast cancer things.
  3. I personally like black jerseys. Every time I create UND on one of them college football video games I always have black as their main home jersey. Alternate is black top with green pants. I always throw in some pink, as a highlight, which would be cool to see on the ones the AD does, if they are doing black. I imagine that they're following suit (no pun intended) of the hockey team with their swift jerseys, which they should wear more.
  4. The three weeks I swam for Mavi, I didn't like it, but perhaps that's why I was cut. Anyways, I think it's a blow to the program losing Mavi. He was able to carry it into the power (if you'd call it that) that it was at the DII level taking many swimmers to nationals. Mavi was a good recruiter for international swimmers. I heard it was going to be Mavi or Brian leaving. I'm glad Brian is still there, he's a good coach, from what I know. I just hope that whomever replaces Mavi is able to get some good recruits and will play a pivitol role in how the team shapes up and transitions into the DI swimming world. There is no reason UND can't be a serious contendor, even competing with Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  5. That's not funny...it's retarded...Perhaps I don't understand it much.
  6. apparently UND is closed...according to another thread in the community forum.
  7. Any Beaver school...especially Oregon State! NDSU Minnesota SCSU MSU-Mankato Michigan State Michigan Washington Washington State UCLA Stanford USC Cal Arizona Arizona State Florida State Notre Dame - Racist, Hostile AND Abusive! BU BC UNH Cornell
  8. Roben

    UND closed today

    Isn't there a blizzard or something? I saw on the weather this morning the RR Valley was getting hit with some snow. Down here in MSP we are a bit, but not near as much as what you guys are.
  9. Thanks Lobo! I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that...hopefully something will get posted.
  10. Anyone know of any get togethers for Sioux fans to watch the games Saturday and Sunday? I haven't seen anything from the Alumni Assoc yet, just wondering if anyone knows.
  11. I wasn't able to find one online...I'll have to try and call and have one shipped to MSP.
  12. I was able to purchase five tickets online in section 102 row 5 last weekend...pretty awesome I'd say. Except one person can't go. If someone wants it, right now it's face value, roughly $51 (after fees and such). Let me know. roben.anderson@gmail.com that's for the Championship game Saturday night.
  13. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could get a big Sioux Head decal for my car. I have an 8" x 8", but I've seen bigger, such as one in Madison this past weekend. Please let me know, and provide a link if it's online. Thanks a lot!
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