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  1. This board serve cheese with all the whine? I am going to cheer on more home-ice Sioux hockey!
  2. Other than about 6 keepers, it makes me think of one of Gunther's last years when he pulled back scholarships and said...let's start over?
  3. Cam was a decent goalie with tons of studs in front of him; lost me for his play, his patting himself on the back instead of the entire team after their St Cloud road sweep last year and thirdly who cares to hear him on Hennessy sharing with us that he supports Donald Trump? Keep him on the bench....Thome is the man.
  4. I'd just save my prayers for something really important; but to each his own.
  5. You obviously didn't notice that this thread is still alive and is about politics as most people define it; other than that do you have a point?
  6. I would have voted for a 1/4% tax over 10-12 years to pay for a community asset; not a 1% tax making GF higher than any other City in state. I did not pay off my house in 2.5 years and the library likewise will probably last longer than that? It amazes me that the same City leaders proposed this, but maybe they were not for the library either. One of them said the idea to enlarge the leaver site footprint by vacating 12th "couldn't be done". They still have that perceived credibility problem with statements like that. The list is endless of things they do that fall into the undoable category. People did not trust that this tax would in fact sunset, but instead would turn into another source of funds to pay for street reconstruction. Just do your job, fellows, transparently. This City has proven time and time again it will do what is best for the community. Just do your job.
  7. Excellent analysis; now someone with more posts than you or more green jerseys will probably call you an idiot!
  8. Let's see now; your 1st sentence suggests that your house seconds as a golf cart and your second is that no dissent should be allowed. When you make a bogey, do you write "par" on your card? wow
  9. Great post! I agree 99.95%
  10. They are working on the highlight reel for his 40 saves and they are having trouble finding the second one; how long did it take to figure dump and chase on the power play wouldn't work againest MI? And if their defense outplays our offense, how did we outplay them? just sayin..........................................its over and I'm still going to Tampa. I'm a college hockey fan and a fighting sioux fan!
  11. And I've still got some swampland to sell you!
  12. There is no possibility of that happening; my non favorite VCR that I have and others want destroyed involve us blowing a 3rd period lead to the hated Gophs at least in part because one of our defensemen cheated deep in the offensive zone which lead to a turnover and a 4 on zero breakaway which they scored on. two things of importance-the gopher with the puck did NOT pass to anyone, surprise! and you all know who the defenseman was.
  13. Back to the thread question...........presumptuous-same person-don't bet your last nickel on that-you might need it ...........intimidating-wow the software police are coming to get me-anyone that doesn't fully agree with you needs to be censored Oh wait my valium kicked in......who do you think we should tell Dave he should pair on the 3rd D line?
  14. And I believe you have given one answer to the threads question; there is a perception that some sioux fans are depriving a village somewhere of it's idiot.
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