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    Funny..... I seem to remember the "worst goalie in the WCHA" stonewalling the Gophers for 2 games in Minneapolis the weekend after beating Michigan State in the GLI championship. I enjoy listening to PA and Dubay....they're very passionate about their teams, and about ripping other teams, so I wouldn't put it past them to call him "the worst." Siembida showed flashes last year that were encouraging. Consistency is key. Jake
  2. On that note, jk, if Waibel leaves we're set!!
  3. I think it is from DJ Skribble's Essential Spring Break. I think the name of the track is Sandstorm, but I'm not sure.
  4. I don't put too much stock in Freshman point production, however, when the team is comprised of a dozen "newbies" is is hard to ignore. Bryan Lundbohm wasn't exactly a world beater his first season, and neither was Lee Goren. One could see glimpses of greatness during their first years, and I think this is the case with a lot of this-season's freshmen. I think what hurt the team most this year was the upperclassmen play/production. Spiewak had 16 points as a freshman.......and now 17 points as a junior. New "hungry" recruits will be nice, but I hope next year the team is full of a bunch of hungry sophomores and a few unsatisfied seniors!
  5. Hey Goon, Lay off Siembida. If there was a sniff of defense out there he wouldn't have looked so bad. We don't have to worry, because the first two cuts that should be made will be graduating -- 27 & 23!
  6. We can't forget that Andy is supposed to be a leader of this team also. Being down 2-0 after 2 somewhat harmless shots puts a lot of pressure on the players to try and get back into the game. They start to grip the stick a little harder, etc. It didn' t show much leadership when Andy pulled himself from the game, but I guess I don't know the whole story behind that incident. The team was obviously working harder that night and it probably let them down a bit. I don't believe the BS about the new arena being a distraction. He and KG didn't seem to have a problem at the Xcel Energy Center last year which is very similar to the Ralph. It just boils down to concentration and focus. Andy seems to lose his at times. All in all I hope Andy finds a way to put it together for the rest of the year. He's definitely going to need improved play from the team in front of him since hockey is, after all, a team sport.
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