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  1. I would like to find the GF Herald article that was written when the Betty was announced. If memory is correct, It stated that it would seat around 4,300. Was that figure correct? If so does that mean that additional seats can be added if needed? Currently, 3.200 is sufficient as it barely, if ever sells out and is usually between 1,500-2,500...If either MBB or WBB gets back to more winning, maybe attendance will increase. Also, in the 90's when Hyslop was getting crowds of 5,000, the men were much more comperitive in the NCC and the women won three National Championships. Also, they played double headers, so you could watch 4 games over 2 days, not 4 days. And not many games were on TV. Now many games are on TV and people like me say home and watch on TV. How much does UND get from Midco? Does the TV income replace the lost ticket sales? I like the Betty, not sure if additional seats are necessary.
  2. Why would we need the bowl type set up? The Betty seats 3,100 and we never sell that out so I don't see the need for more empty seats. I would be for more seating if we could fill them but I don't see that happening.
  3. UND lost 3 Grad Transfers the past 2 years, not 2. I thought SDSU/Daum got a bit lucky in the end. There were 3 rebounds that UND did a fairly good job of boxing out in the last 5 minutes and when the UND player went up for the rebound, the ball bounced off the side of the rim, out of the UND players hand and right to Daum, who then put it in. If just one of those three rebounds end up in UND hands it most likely goes to Overtime. Daum also had a few no calls, one on defense when Avants went up for a shot and it looked like Daum fouled him and again on offense when Daum backed up very hard and Avants ended up on the floor. Should have been an offensive foul rather than a lay up and 2 points. Overall I thought it was an entertaining game and I do believe this team has improved since the beginning of the season and will continue to improve over the next two months. If we can make the Summit Tourney, maybe we can win a game or three??? Lets hope for a good showing Sat. in Fargo and a UND win.
  4. I heard the same comment on the radio. I don't believe Coach Brew was meaning anything negative by the comment. The player I believe is the shortest player on the team at 5'7". Calling a player their little pork chop is just saying that although she may be short, she doesn't lack grit and plays harder than most. Some people may take being called that a complement.
  5. One seat is on the 35 yard line in a stadium of 18,000, the second one is nosebleed end zone in a stadium of 100,000+. Look at the 35 yard line for the rose bowl, they are going for $550+.
  6. So did Elkens sign during early signing period?
  7. I do believe the position must be advertised internally first, not sure of how many days. If no internal applicant is hired then they can go external. My guess would be 2-3 weeks before we will know.
  8. Last I heard he was coaching HS in the Twin Cities
  9. I can't see either Montana or UNI getting in ahead of UND, if we win SAt. We handily beat Montana and they beat UNI so that should mean help the process.
  10. So are any freshmen redshirting this year?
  11. Most years the bottom of the ACC would clean up on the Summit League Champ in MBB. This is not even a good comparison.
  12. My thought is that UNI is the best of the rest MVFC teams. They beat SDSU and played NDSU tight for 3 Quarters. Don''t know how they got beat so bad by Youngstown. If UND gets to 7-4, with their very good win against Montana, who will be either 7-4 or 6-5 after Sat., and UNI is 6-5, with a loss to Montana, I would hope UND would get in ahead of UNI. I could see 1 MVFC team in at 6-5, but not 2.
  13. If the on side kick would have worked, everyone would have said it was a great call. It didn't work, might work next time.
  14. Just how large is Doug Burgum's fortune? I thought when Great Plains was sold to Microsoft, Doug's brother had a larger stake in Great Plains than Doug did? His brother (name escapes me) is a UND Grad and on or was on the UND foundation board. Might see an on campus stadium in GF before a new one in FGO???
  15. I think UNI will pass SDSU in the rankings. I don't see SDSU beating Illinois State
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